18th Match: India V Australia: Mohali, India


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Oct 16, 2006
Starts usual time.

Yuvraj and Agarkar have been ruled out for India which is a major blow.
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I can see india causing an upset, i can see harbajhan having game of his life with ball and Aussies going down in shock loss.
I can see us going down as well - we haven't played well at all this tournament and I've been on record as saying I'm not happy with our top order, particularly with Ponting in dismal form. Our bowling has been better than I anticipated, though Pidge is still struggling.

The consolation is that India are in worse form than we are. But if we play at our best, we should win. Even if we don't play at our best, we might still win if India don't play at their best. India have to play at their best to win.

I predict a tight OZ victory going down to the wire.
I don't mind who wins as long as Australia lose :p
I don't mind who wins as long as India lose

(mild solace for paks poor performace in the CT)
Brown pitch. no grass. no watering. dry pitch to help spinners. and its a Mohali wicket
India won the toss and elected to bat first

India team
R Dravid, V Sehwag, SR Tendulkar, SK Raina, D Mongia, MS Dhoni, IK Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, M Kaif, MM Patel, S Sreesanth

Australia team
AC Gilchrist, SR Watson, RT Ponting, DR Martyn, A Symonds, MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey, B Lee, MG Johnson, NW Bracken, GD McGrath
We will be relying on Roy and Pup to provide our spin.
Hopefully Pidge opens the bowling.
slash from sehwag over point and he gets 2 runs!
slash and miss, good pace, line and swing from lee.
Cracking atmopshere in the ground. Looks like ground is packed to the rafters!
what fielding by mcgrath on boundary!

sehwag sqaure drives ball thru covers

mcgrath runs round and stop ball just before the rope

3 runs
India 5/0

good ball from lee, sachin pulls bat out of way at last minute.
First Ball: Wide juicey edge couple of bounces to Pidgeon. 2 runs
Second Ball: Play and miss outside off.
Third ball: Blocked to Roy on the offside
Fourth Ball: Full down legside and glanced to square leg
Fifth Ball: Great fielding by Pigeon! Sehwag plays back and agross to deep backward point.
Mcgrath Dives and stops the ball. 3 runs
Sixth Ball: Tendulkar leaves on a good length outside off
Good line to sachin, sachin looking sligthly towards legside.
First Ball: On a good length outside off to Mcgrath. Cuts in and Tendulkar plays away onto leg side.
Second Ball: Outs off stump and Sehwag cuts down to Lee for 1 run.
Third Ball: Strays onto Tendulkar's legs and he plays onto legside for 0 runs.
Fourth Ball: Good length outside off stump. Tendulkar leaves it.
Fifth Ball: On off stump and ball jags back to hit Tendulkar on the thighs.
Sixth Ball: Good length outside off stump. Tendulkar Leaves.
Bang sehwag slaps ball thru covers for 4

booming drive!


sehwag slashes ball into gulley and clarke leaping thru air gets hand to ball!

half a chance.

That was a quick ball

lee bowls good bouncer to sachin

148.3 kmph
India 12/0 (3)

Alot of bounce in this wicket. Lee needs to bowl slightly straighter here, to much width.
First Ball: Wide and juice outside off. 4 runs! Sehwag creams it to the Boundary for 4.
Second Ball (No Ball). On a good line and length and Sehwag plays it to point.
Third Ball: Short outside off. Sehwag tries to get it over the slips and misses.
Fourth Ball: Dropped! Clarke drops what would have been a screamer of a catch! Wide outside off stump and Sehwag had a go at it. 1 Run
Fifth Ball: Bouncer to Tendulkar. He ducks out of it.
Sixth Ball: Great ball on off stump. Tendulkar solidly blocks it.
Seventh Ball: Wide outside off stump and Tendulkar leaves it.
6 from the over.
Mcgrath has been right on the money with his line.
waft and miss from sehwag.

mcgrath nawing away here on off-stick line
it wasn't exactly dropped .. very tough one there.
single for sehwag into covers.

india 13/0 - sehwag 12* sachin 0*
India 13/0 (4)

mcgrath 2 overs and just 2 runs given away.
A very defensive approach from sachin .. it has never worked for him.
4 runs for sehwag, quick ball and inside edge past stumps.

First Ball: Just outside off stump and Sehwag leaves it
Second Ball: In the right area on off stump and Sehwag blocks it.
Third Ball: Outside off stump and Sehwag fishes at it. He plays and misses.
Fourth Ball: Outside off stump and Sehwag plays back and a cross to it. He punches it through the off side and Clarke fields it. Clarke Slips over and the commentators laugh. 1 run
Fifth Ball: Around off stump and Tendulkar leaves it.
Sixth Ball: Around off stump and Mcgrath Tendulkar leaves it.
Shot of the morning!

Bang slapped Distainfully thru covers.

no ball aswell

quick single taken, almost a run out.

sachin not happy!
Lee goes right thru sachin!

how did that not hit the stumps!!!!
Lee averaging 90 mph, fastest 92 mph

another no ball though!

india 24/0
wide ball now.

India 25/0

12 runs thus far in over
Sachin off mark with a classical cover drive for 4

16 runs off 5 legal balls in over, 1 ball left
So was the pitch deliberately prepared to ensure that Pakistan is knocked out
First Ball: Great delivery! Sehwag inside edges it and it goes down to fine leg for 4!
The ball was on off stump and Lee was unlucky not to have Sehwag out bowled.
Second Ball (No ball): Great shot! Wide outside off stump. Juicey half volley and Sehwag puts it away for 4.
Third Ball: A good length on off and middle. Sehwag plays back to it and hits it back to Lee.
Fourth Ball: On Middle and leg. Sehwag hits it it straight to Johnson. They go for the run and Johnson misses the stumps. Tendulkar was late to reply to Sehwags call.
Fifth Ball: Straight through Tendulkar. Just outside the off stump and goes inbetween bat and pad.
Sixth Ball (No Ball): On the leg stump and Tendulkar hits in to midwicket for no run.
Seventh Ball (Wide): Short and outside off stump. Tendulkar leaves it.
Eighth Ball: Four runs! Tendulkar punches the ball to the cover boundary after a wide half volley from Lee. Very expensive over.
Ninth Ball: Good line and length around off stump. Tendulkar solid in defense.
Two different games going on.

One where lee is getting spanked at other end mcgrath just nawing away at batsmen
If india continue like this id send dravid in next so that india can continue solidly!
Excellent start, ball nips back and wraps sehwag on pads.

leg bye taken.
Bang what a shot from sehwag

straight drive for 4

India 34/0
Bracken is leading wicket taker in odis in 2006.
quick single, fielder hits stumps.

batsmen miles in thou.

wow! sachin tryig slog sweep of mcgrath!

dot ball thou!
Sachin now walks down wicket and looks to drive.
I have a gut feeling - If India wins today - they will go on to win the CT ..SA have a very poor record against India in India
That was a bad over by Lee and has given India some impetus. We may be chasing a big score if we can't get Sehwag out soon.
Geez how dull is Willis. Someone give him some ephedrine pills or something to wake him up.