3rd ODI - W.I. vs Pak @ St. Lucia (WI Innings) [22/5/05]

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Jan 30, 2005
A fantastic performance from all the Pak batsmen ensured that Pak reached a healthy total of 303-6 after the allotted 50 overs.

Highlights of the innings were Bazid Khan's maiden fifty which he made in good time towards the end.

Yoyo and Afridi too got 50's with Afridi continuing his incredible form.

This is now the highest score at St. Lucia in an ODI and Pakistan will be hoping to keep it that way

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Come on razzaq amd afridi, both get a handful of wickets and put the west indies out of their misery.
WI v Pak 3rd ODI St Lucia (Windies Innings)

304 to win for the home team, which is a tough ask.

Once again Gayle will be the key wicket and will need support from senior players like Chanderpaul and Sarwan.

Rana and Shabbir will look to get the early breakthroughs and Pakistan playing an extra spinner this time around, Arshad Khan.
If only shahid nazir was there, its a gr8 opportunity for him, runs on the board....little pressure

he would have shown us what he is made of today

poor guy
Shabbir is chucking - left right and center - this is too embarassing to watch!
poor line form shabbir thus far...he has bowled too many legside deliveries..

I think their batsmen are generally strong on the legside
Nice to see Shabbir has picked up a bit more speed since the 1st game... got upto 84.8mph in the last over, and beat Gayle with a gem of a bowl going past the outside edge of the bat.
4.4 Naved-ul-Hasan to Gayle, no run, beaten, lovely ball on off stump
and its scrapes past the edge
Rana beats gayle this time, Pakistan just need a bit of luck to catch the edge, and hopefully umpires will hear the snick today !!!

3 runs of the over

15-0 off 5

good start by Pakistan
Where is everybody???

thats what I was thinking....

I guess many arent back yet from their breaks..

I know that cricket devil had to take some pics so will take some time to come back
"and hopefully umpires will hear the snick today !!!

The Windies crooked umpires only hear what they want to hear!
Sheppard telliing Shabbir to get off the pitch quicker in the follow through...

Gayle wips him through the leg side in the air for 3 just past mid wicket.
Shabbir bowling a lot quicker today... upto 86.7mph

good to see... even if action is slightly dodgy...
Rana bowling good line and length on the off stump to his field and at good speed 87.7mph last delivery.
Another excellant delivery, W.Hinds beaten all ends up by Shabbir !!!
Windies only batting at 3 runs over.

Some tight bowling by Nana Rana the old banana
Pakistan's run rate was 6.06 and West indies going at 3.00 with their most destructive basmen at the crease, whats going on?
Im not impressed with shabbir today...some balls were good but most have been on legside..

not good line from him
Shabbir drifting down on to pads, once too often and flicked past fineleg for 4.
Shabbiiiiiiiiiiiir going at 5 an over. He is undoing all the good work of Rana.

And some people think that he can replace Shoaib
We shouldn't expect too much from Shabbir at this stage he is not fully match fit, has been out of the game for 8 months, apart from a couple of 20Twenty games.

He does tend to bowl alot better to the right handers.
You're right though with the two left handers, he should be bowling off stump line, especially to W.Hinds
1st Offical Warning to Shabbir from Sheppard !!! for running on to danger area.
You know cricinfo was getting mixed up with who hit the 6's Naveed or Akmal, well if you click on Naveed's name on the scorecard page, it takes you to Kamran's profile. Strange!
Good straight bowling from shabbir, 5 successive dot balls, and he finishes it off for a maiden :)
Lucky escape for Gayle, totally decieved by Rana slower bowl in the air but past the mid off for 2
Short and pulled for 4

Driven through 4 next bowl

FArhad may have spoken to soon with the new thread...

expensive over 4 fours
this time shabbir gets the treatment pulled for viceous 4 1st ball.
Gayle on fire... at the moment

Pakistan need to dismiss him soon.

Pakistan have problems stopping batsmen like Sehwag and Gayle, once they are out, Pakistan can get control of the game.
Time to bring on Afridi, the partnership breaker
Shabbir bowling at over 87mph now, follows up with good yorker well kept out.

W.Hinds joins the calipson party with lofted ondrive for 4
another expensive over, worth pakistan bringing AFridi on inside 15 overs.
the thing with batsmen like Gayle Sehwag and Afridi is that they send a message to the opposition telling them it's not over till its over
Rana starts with noball and 2 runs.

Needs to show what he is made off and get that last over out of his.
Powerfull straight on drive for 4 by w.Hinds, went straight through Rana
12.2 Naved-ul-Hasan to Hinds, FOUR, driven right back and touches
Naved's hands on way to long-on
Gayle seeing it like Football now, clever slow bowl but Gayle glides it to 3rd man for a single.

Pakistan will be glad to get one dot ball at this stage, runs coming off every ball.
Shabbir straight delivery on target, not giving hinds room to free his arm... dot ball :)
Good start for Shabbir 3 dots in a row, can he keep it going...
Gayle down the wicket and smashed it past the bowler for 4

Im just glad that we've already won the series!
Good thing for Pakistan is with 3 spinners on a 2nd day wicket, there should be more turn in the pitch.

Lets hope so for Pakistan's sake.

Arshad Khan coming on in the 15th over.
Arshad dropping on to a good length straight away, not trying to flight the ball too much to Gayle.
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