4th QF Friends life T20 | Sussex vs Lancashire | 8 Aug 2011

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Jun 21, 2009
Friends life T20 >>>> International Cricket

Wanted to make a thread as I'll be away on vacations.

Rana will be in action as well :yahoo:

Players to watch out for:


Umar Gul
Wayne Waleed Parnell :yahoo: (1st T20 game after conversion)
Amjad Khan
Naveed Arif
Luke Wright
Murray Goodwin

Junaid Khan
James Anderson
Saj Mahmood
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Yeah but usually they're not allowed to play for their counties so close to an England game.

Still, plenty of players to look out for....including Waleed.
Sussex is 4 players of Pakistani decent plus Waleed

Lancs got two.

Come on sussex :rana :gul
I'd prefer Lancs to win this but won't be disappointed if Sussex beat 'em
only for junaid i am going with lancashire otherwise as being a yorkshire supporter i never support lancashire
Yeah but usually they're not allowed to play for their counties so close to an England game.

Still, plenty of players to look out for....including Waleed.

Well the Indian's will be playing a tour match after 2nd Test so don't see why Jimmy can't bowl 4 overs for fun:yk
Just over 200 hours to go till the game starts. I cant wait, dunno what to do in the meantime
Only 4 days to go for the greatest game to be played.

Friends life T20 with pakis >>> International cricket.
Sussex and Hampshire Should b In Finals ...Then They Go To CLT20 Qualifiers :gul:afridi
I'll be really surprised if Jimmy gets to play.

He loves Lancs, but England wont risk him two days before the next test. A pity really, I bet he would really want to be there.

Lancs is giving him a benefit season next year too!
They dropped him anyway, probably didn't have ideas to bring him back (all games are knockout ones now).
its gonna be difficult t decide which team to side with... i dont think ill be too disappointed whichever team wins so long as the pakis display matchwinning performance
i think ill tilt towards junaid khan's lancashire......im not a rana fan and no gul means no fun......btw it'll b interesting t see Waleed.... maybe a few signals during play that shows he's a muslim......a look to the heavens when gets a wicket?....or maybe a new opening sentence in his interviews!
Well I'm also really excited about this match as I was for the others, Its going to be a good match and for me both teams are level, some people might say that Sussex have the edge with their experience, some people might say Lancashire have the edge with their hard working and team spirit. Well in the Sussex squad the player/s I support would be Rana Naved and Umar Gul but unfortunately he will not be able to play, since he's playing in the Moin Khan trophy. Rana Naved is in good form in this tournament but he needs some runs and try to be less expensive, Umar Gul has been dissapointing. The players that I like from the Lancashire squad are Junaid Khan and possibly Farveez Mahroof or Sajid Mahmood. Junaid Khan is a new player and is not in great form but he did win a game for Lancashire earlier. Nothing special yet from Mahroof or Mahmood. Mahmood can also whack so he is a good player to have. I think is Lancashire win the toss they should bat, set a good score and then get some yorkers from Junaid and bowl Sussex out, but Sussex will probably be thinking to do exactly that, so its going to be a good match. Its going to be a very tough battle and it might or might not rely that much on who win's the toss, it might rely more on who plays the better game!! Till the match starts, on this thread mods please can you put a poll up and lets discuss about the match, your views etc. The match is scheduled to begin at 19:10 local time(18:10 GMT). Well the rain didn't really interrupt yesterday but we still need to hope it stays away today, Remember this is the last quarter-final. Both these teams are going to fight really hard and I think a par score for the first innings is probably 180-200.

Well here are the possible teams:

Lancashire: G Chapple*, KR Brown, SJ Croft, GD Cross†, PJ Horton, Junaid Khan, G Keedy, SC Kerrigan, MF Maharoof, SI Mahmood, SC Moore, SD Parry, LA Procter, TC Smith

Sussex: BC Brown†, JS Gatting, MW Goodwin, CJ Liddle, CD Nash, Naved-ul-Hasan, Naved Arif, MS Panesar, WD Parnell, OP Rayner, L Vincent, KO Wernars, LJ Wright, MH Yardy

Well I hope you guys enjoy the match and I might give some links but I don't need to since I just got Star Cricket which is amazing! Good luck both teams, hope Rana and Junaid do well!

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Can't believe GULLY isn't playing. Oh well. I'm supporting SUSSEX SHARKS!

- Sussex should bat as Lancashire batting is weak but I want to see Rana in action early on so what ever.

Junaid vs Rana & Naved Aarif
I'm on vacations in US but cant afford to miss fl t20. :rana

FL t20 :rana>>> international cricket :sachin

As Fireworks said thats dedication!

Lancashire win the toss, looks like sussex didnt want gul back after his atrocious bowling in the tournament.
Sky call Junaid Khan the dangerman for Lancs! The youngsters reputation is increasing.

Come on for the Red Rose!

Junaid, Mahmood, Keedy are all key here. If our batsmen can back up the bowlers, we have this!
Though honestly, I expect us to be 50/5 in 5 overs, and then have the tail bail us to 140/9 or something.
Though honestly, I expect us to be 50/5 in 5 overs, and then have the tail bail us to 140/9 or something.

On Target!

Lancs Batting :facepalm.

How do we manage to be a decent team?
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