5th ODI at Kanpur : 1st innings discussion [14/04/05]

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Oct 6, 2004
Here we go again - Both teams level at 2-2 and 2 more games ( including this one ) to play.

If some will recall, we were in the same boat last year as we came to the Gaddafi - the rest is history.

Can Inzi and his merry men pull something special from their hats and take us to 3-2 ? Who will be the hero today.... cant wait....

As always, no posts to this thread until close to time of play.

MIG, u forgot to say this is 100th odi clash between two sides...
yeh u guy's i don't know who will win this game, it's all upto Allah ! Inshallah pakistan will win this.
Discussion thread first innings (Indian innings)

Dravid wins the toss and India will bat first
F**** sake..!! I am not sure we have any strenghth left for another chase.. what does the wicket looklike? another 300 plusser?
Nope it has quite a lot of cracks on it. Will take a huge amount of spin in the second innings.
we have won 1 toss out of 5

Thats well tough that!

Yesterday was an awful day for me and i still feel like cr@p. Pak please make improve my day for me
so inzi continues to have the same luck with the toss

never mind, inshallah Pakistan will win this match.
This is the millionth time they have won the damn toss. It really p****** you off after a while.
India makes two changes so does Pakistan.

India - Sehwag, Tendu, Dravid, Mongia, Kaif, Yuvraj, Dhoni, Murli Kartik, Harbhajan Singh, Balaji, and Zaheer Khan.

Pakistan - Butt, Afridi, Inzi, YoYo, Younis, Malik, Akmal, Roa, Rana, Arshad and Razzaq.
harbie and murali are gona be a handful on a cracked pitch in teh second innings.. ;(
only 2 pacers for india. wayyy too many spinners. only dravid, kaif and keeper dhoni can't bowl.
no worries,, but BUT BUT fricken MONGIA PLAYING.. I cant believe they wont give the lad Rayudu a go.. STUPID INDIAN MANAGEMENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT X) X) X)
Pakistan have their work cut out here. Will have to restrict them to arround 220-240 to have somewhat of a chance.
We need to restrict them under 300 at any cost. Cant chase 300 plus all the time.
OH MY GOD::'Mohammad Sami and Danish Kaneria are out, in comes Iftikhar Anjum and Arshad Khan'

WHY? :O that sounds like a horrible move
the pitch WILL NOT get any harder to bat than it is now. Every single game people say it will get harder........it NEVER does. The pitch will stay the same as it historically has done (more sides have won chasing in Kanpur!). The important thing is that we continue to apply ourselves and concentrate the way we did in the last game!

inshallah another Pakistan win!
Inshallah Merc. One interesting stat is that the most teams have won here chasing. The highest total chased here is 259-4 here by India against England in 89/90.
get early wickets. rao should be ready for a sehwag onslaught and not get fazed by early boundaries. keep it tight, and he'll give you his wicket.
and hold on to those catches!
yes catches..sehwag always gives a chance or two..we need to be tight today but given the resurgence of spirit in the Pak team I hope they will be fired up and buyont!
i dont think Roa will effective on thses pitches at his pace against the like of shewag,.... he will eat him up widout dakaar,
Razzler-will merege this in to the thread already set up by MIG (see sticky)
This one is for discussion after the game. You post in the other thread.
WTh Ravi thought Inzy won the toss and went to inzy wat would u like todo and said Batt first then broad comes in its india who won the toss not inzy ..wat a heartbreaker for inzy and us,
Troubling signs already:

"0.2 Naved to Sehwag, no run, drives it to covers, that one kept a little low "
Roti mon - sami playing a lot of consecutive games, has a sore heel as we've heard.

arshad does have the 2nd highest wickets for us this series, behind rana. but maybe danny should've been given another go?
rana banana offline to start. get it together son, dont need another flying start.
1 four and Ramiz saying india shud score 310...lol
how he came up with that figure..i dunno

Rana bowling a bad line again...way outside off and then down leg..2 boundaries and India of to a good 1st over
ramiz saying pitch is placid
just before that he said its moving around..good for bowlers..
is this guy high
I am surprised Rameez hasny deduced that 9 off 1, should mean India getting 450 off 50 overs!
good start by Rao

keep it there beta

10/0 after 2 overs
will we ever hear one of dear respected members name ever be mentioned by the comentatators....

i.e 'Awesome Anjum'!!!
inswinger, hits on the pad, in front of middle stump, shout for lbw, declines, Sachin consider very lucky!

anyone see this? was it HairyHaran?
sachin given a life just 2 balls earlier caught behind now

rana takes the first wicket!!
Rao looked good in his first over lets see how he does in the 2nd but looked very good and confident!
rana the fighter - gets knocked around but then gets right back up and hits u back !!!

RANA!!!!!!!!!!!!! RANA!!!!!!!!

\A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/ \A/
Interestingly after giving Sachin not out to that lbw shout, Hariharan raised his finger for that big edge - though no one looked at him!

wonder what ramiz's predicted India score is now!
Sachin is a choker..... LOL
Bechara is near the end of the line
India 11 for 1 after 4 overs

Rao 2 overs for 2 runs! Good start considering people said he would be walloped!
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