6th ODI: New Dehli - 1st inning discussion thread [16/04/05]

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Oct 6, 2004
So here we are - the final match of this series ( and Musharraf will be watching !!)

Will India pull it back or will Pak make it 4-2 ? Can Afridi play one more innings like only Afridi can ? or will some new hero arise from this team ?

Pls wait until close to start of play before posting here - thanks
Should we bat or bowl first ?

If Inzi actually wins the toss for once !!

I think if there is even a little something in the pitch for Rana we should bowl first. Hopefull with some early morning swing Rana can get some quick wickets and put the pressure on India. But this time I hope BW plays Nazir as a third specialist seamer so we can keep the pressure up after Ranas spell is over.
Inzi will always bat on Indians pitches! It'd take a brave captain to bowl first (not that I'm saying Inzi isn't brave)
Whatever we do if we win the toss dosent really matter. We are full of confidence and the team has belief, faith and unity which will take them to victory. InshALlah. I am confident that we will win and have full faith in the boys.
team unchanged.......india two changes, balaji kumble out, nehra, agarkar in.
..wicked agarkar in...although brand new pitch no idea of wat it will do...

nehra needs to be smacked around as well.
Good evening/morning everyone,

Inzi finally wins a toss finally- but i would have liked to see him bowl first.
i fear afridi could fall early if the new balls swings a little in the early moring humidity.
man this sux here in missisauga canada there seems to be something messed and rogers isnt showing the match on ppv till 1 am!!1 i had even ordered it...DAMN IT!!!!
Agarkar is about to bowl to Afridi

this over could go for 25 runs

Afridi could also go
and a six as well

Afridi on fire

3 fours and a 6 in the last four balls
22 off NEHRA's first over..................:D::D :D

0 4 4 4 6 4
22 off Nehra's first over!

24/0 after 2 overs

Afridi is 22 not out from 6 balls!
a quarter century for Afridi already

he is on 25 from 8 balls
Afridi should slow down but he isn't going to.. almost gave me a heart attack last over with all his hitting off Nehra last over....
nahinn...i didnt expect butt sahaab to go....ab afridi par responsibility agahi hay malik kai saat partership ki
dont say that taha negativity is the last thing we need afridi will go on from here and make a world record i tell yea WORLD RECORD FASTEST 200!! (WELL THE ONLY 200...)
4 from afridi nice... (maybe im behind still on cricinfo as my pay per view resource is not showing it till 1 now...DAMN ROGERS!!)
taha- did you make that up?

please don't do that. Its not funny.
hey guys do u know a link for live audio commentary by any chance so i can appease myself until the damn pay per view here starts covering the match?
47 for ONE

afridi NOT OUT 35 (15 balls)
Malik on 9
53 for 1 after 7 overs

Nehra hanging on to his career by the skin of his teeth
56 for 1 after 7 overs

Afridi not out 37
Malik not out 16

by 10 overs we need at least 75 runs...no less..otherwise we will lose the afridiness of the first ten overs
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