African x1 v Asian x1 (1st odi) [17/8/05]

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Mar 3, 2004
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asian team shud b:

South africa (lets be realistic) v Asia . Looks a good contest. South Africa are a good team in ODIs with some new faces in the team who playing some attractive cricket. The asia squad though looks very strong and i would expect them to win. You never know though. Going to be a good match :)
They will play only 6 SAfricans

Taibu in for Boucher over the weekend...
Hello Mulan

How come there will be 2 matches played in Durban and none in Cape Town?
It's all about the money!!!! It's all about the dum da da da dum dum...

Khalil, you should know that whenever any team from the sub-continent plays in SA, Durban is jotted down first....You know the demographics...

Secondly, logistics wise it would have been a nightmare to squeeze Newlands into that ultra tight schedule...

And of's WINTER in the Cape....And you know that means baby weather: wet and windy..

Centurion is very high above sea-level...Cold but do-able....Durban is warm and sunny...Even in winter...And trust me, the Kwa-Zulu Natal faithful will be there...
I would like to apologise to the mods for this (especially Entra) ... I forgot about it being a sticky and all. Sorry. I had to answer Khalil and it would have been bad manners to just ignore his question. I thank you. Mulan.
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Shez said:
ZM i would switch inzi with sangakkara & the rest of the team looks perfect:19:

Sangakkara at 3 and i will play HASHISH instead of Kumble.


Since we have two spinners in Murali and Afridi, there is no need for Kumble and i think Hashish has bowled well in past few months and without him the pace attack is almost harmless with the exception of Akhtar and you can NOT rely on Akhtar as he can have bad days more often than good days.
man it starting at in the uk on zee tv i didnt see anything on ary digital uk for any cricket listing but in did see it in zee tv listings
Asia XI

Ashraful/Jayawardene(i heard he replaced Jayasuriya in the squad)

(not looking good without the likes of Sachin,Dravid,Jayasuriya,Vaas,Rana but still will start as favourites)

Africa XI

Ab De Villiars
Steve Tikolo
Taibu/Boucher(if Boucher is available then its obvious who should play)
Dale Steyn!
(not a bad side ...could give tough time to Asians..Kallis,Pollock,De Villiars,Dipenner,Kemp,Zondeki all r match winners !)

anyways it would have been a much much more intresting series had it been just btw South Africa vs Pakistan(as majority of the players belong to these countries)! would have generated much bigger intrest from both the countries alone in comparison to the lukewarm response its getting rite now from two continents!!..i feel the first Afro-Asian cup is gonna be a disaster(i hope its not though)
Would love to see AB De Villiers play. He is one of my new favourite players. He can play some amazing shots off the back foot. He finds the gaps in the field superbly too. The guy is a real talent who could become a big run scorer in the future.
11 am in Uk means 3 pm in Pakistan...:(i m gonna be in my uni till 5 pm! gonna miss the first 2 hours of play!..but first of all i have to ask my cable operator to on 'super sports7' as its the only channel showing it in Pakistan!
Arsal You can NOT include Pathan, he was replaced with Zaheer Khan and i think Mashrafe Mortaza looked good enough to be included in Asian squad ahead of Zaheer who is struggling these days.
Arsal You can NOT include Pathan, he was replaced with Zaheer Khan and i think Mashrafe Mortaza looked good enough to be included in Asian squad ahead of Zaheer who is struggling these days.

oh i completely forgot it!...if thats the case then play both Kumble and Nehra...Zaheer is waste of a spot ...Mortaza hasn't impressed me much to play in Asian squads!
Arsal in Dubai it starts at 1:30 pm. Lahore is 1 hour ahead. So in lahore it will start between 2:30 to 3:00. Here they are showing on ary & zee tv. Not sure about pakistan but check ptv 1 i think.
ptv never shows such games...they didn't even showed the Tsunami games!...they show only Pakistani matches!
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I think it should be a interesting match tommorow. Here are the following things i am looking forward to:

-Inzi's captainship
-Shoaib Akhtar(weight, bowling speed etc.):D
-Afridi 6's + Bowling:19:
-how the asian xi operate togeather
-shewag batting
-razzaq batting and bowling:p
-murli and kumble bowl
Shez said:
I think it should be a interesting match tommorow. Here are the following things i am looking forward to:

-Inzi's captainship
-Shoaib Akhtar(weight, bowling speed etc.):D
-Afridi 6's + Bowling:19:
-how the asian xi operate togeather
-shewag batting
-razzaq batting and bowling:p
-murli and kumble bowl

there is going to be another team u kno...
z10 said:
there is going to be another team u kno...

De villiars is one exciting player and to a lesser extent Rudolph and Styne. Kemp looked good the one time I saw him other than that there is little to cause excitement.
hi guyz

I am in Islamabad at the moment. I would really like to watch this match. I have SUN TV, which includes SS3, ESPN India but no ZEE. I would like to watch this match...any idea which other channels are showing it and at what times?
A QUICK UPDATE - SuperCricket

Centurion ready to roll, paint and all by Christo Buchner
Posted on 16 August 2005 - 22:16 SuperCricket.

When canisters of paint are used to colour the outfield green, one knows the time has not yet arrived for cricket in Gauteng.

Even though it sounds improbable, the first of three international cricket matches for the Afro-Asian Cup will be played at SuperSport Park in Centurion on Wednesday.

Some of the world's top players will be in action in this unique series, of historical significance because it will be the first time the experimental rules of the International Cricket Council will be implemented in South Africa.

South Africa's new cricket coach, Mickey Arthur, who is also the coach of the Africa team, says it is a golden opportunity for the players to show their mettle in the international arena.

Inzamam ul-Haq of Pakistan who leads the Asian side, says it is virtually impossible to imagine a team comprising players from India and Pakistan playing side by side.

"It is a big honour for me to play for this team and I can give the assurance that we will take these matches seriously," Inzamam said.

Referring to the experimental rules, Shaun Pollock, who will lead the Africa team in the first two matches, said they would proceed carefully.

Have a versatile player

"I think it is important to have a versatile player as the 12th man, especially if you bat first.

"It should be to the advantage of the team that bowls first, but luckily we get a chance in these matches to experiment and establish what will be the best way to play within the rules.

"I believe we must get the 20 overs with limitations on field placings over as quickly as possible".

Inzamam says it is the first match he will play in where the new rules will be implemented. He will hold talks with his management team to discuss the best to play.

Arthur says he expects the pitch will be quite slow.

"We played matches this time of the year at Centurion when I was involved in the national academy and because the pitch is dry, it will be quite slow."

It has been quite a while since a cricket season has kicked off with such illustrious names.

With players like Virender Sehwag, Muttiah Muralitharan, Inzamam, Yousuf Youhana, Abdul Razzaq, Shoaib Akhtar and Shahid Afridi, as well as Jacques Kallis, Pollock, Mark Boucher and AB de Villiers in action, it will be worth braving the cold and wind.

If someone should perhaps have doubted the seriousness with which the Afro/Asian cricket series is being approached, this should be eliminated by the news that selectors for the world team will attend the three matches.

Jonty Rhodes and the Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar will attend the matches in Durban on Saturday and Sunday to watch the players in action.

They will be attending the matches in their capacity as selectors of the world team to play in a Test and one-day internationals against the world champions, Australia, in October.

Starting time: 12:00. (SA Standard Time) SuperCricket.
Anyone know where is this being covered ball by ball online?
Couldn't see it at Crapinfo earlier this morning.

EDIT : Ignore me, just found it, DOH!
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AARGGHHHH!!! I subscribed to Zee tv yesterday so i could watch this match, but sincew NTL is so crap, the channel is all screwed up and i can't watch it. So ****ed off!!
Oh man i am so excited. Unfortunately i've removed by ARY subscription because they weren't showing any cricket. But Cricinfo is still exciting WHEN SHAHID AFRIDI'S IN TOWN!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Africa XI team: HH Dippenaar, AB de Villiers, JH Kallis, JL Ontong, AG Prince, SO Tikolo, +MV Boucher, *SM Pollock, N Boje, TM Odoyo, DW Steyn.

Asian XI team: V Sehwag, +KC Sangakkara, Yousuf Youhana, *Inzamam-ul-Haq, Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq, A Kumble, Z Khan, Shoaib Akhtar, M Muralitharan, A Nehra.
Asia XI Won Toss and are fielding!

Could anyone who has TV coverage of this tell us if there are speedguns and what speeds Akhtar is bowling at please?
Jedi Knight said:
Pretty small - like a pakistani test match crowd...
It's winter...the Highveld is freezing....

Rugby season...
Come on Shoaiby, detonate the stumps
Sounds as if it's a bit tricky out there at the moment.

Is Shoaib bowling pretty quickly?
GO Shoaiby!!!

I just want to see stumps destroyed, cartwheeling, oh man i wish i was watching this!
All eyes are on the Ashes, i think its safe to say not many ppl know that this match is taking place at all.

Okay....How many of you will arrange a cricket match in the middle of winter ANYWHERE? Especially in RUGBY LEAGUE COUNTRY???!!!

Besides....these matches have not been advertised on local television...Not even a single mention on the national broadcaster...What do you expect...
Shayan_Sohail said:
Shoaib seems to have lost weight and is looking in good shape.
That's great news. England watch out! With Yasir Ali also probably going to make it too!
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