Al Barakah T20 Game 3 : Canada v Zimbabwe | Toronto | 11/10/08


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Jun 1, 2001
Due to start in just inder 20 minutes.
I thought Canada were playing Zimbabwe and Pakistan were playing Sri Lanka?
Big Harvey said:
I thought Canada were playing Zimbabwe and Pakistan were playing Sri Lanka?
well done BH. Deliberate mistake and you go to the top of the class for observation.
Come on Zimbabwe bat first and get 180 on the board and get the Candians out for under a 100 and that'll surely say something to Pak!
Zimbos bowling first having won the toss.
They should've batted and made 180 :p and then bowl them out for under 100 to show Pak how it's done! :D :p lol
What's the teams for today? Am not watching it so that's why can't be asked to watch this one might do when the last 5 overs or so are left! :p
Cheema should be made the captain of Canada - He's the best out of the lot playing for Canada! Even yesterday against the pace of Akhtar he somehow coped and batted well for his team!
Unexpected bounce got made keema of Cheema.

Had only the top of his glove on it
That ended all the entertainment for now...:p

He should have eclipsed his score of 34 he made yesterday though!
12thMan said:
same ground with the new proper seating
Zim 29-1 after 4 overs

The same seating that was not required yesterday?
Err... Zimbabwe? How badly do you suck?
Zim 83-5 - need 53 from 41
Yeh koi khana hay
ghabrao mat main hoon na
Cheema is a beast appearently the only reason he didn't play for Canada before was due to his legal status. I saw highlightes of his batting against WI and he dominated their attack, good thing we had bowlers with express pace yesterday who were able to slow him down.
Win or lose, this is a very good effort from Canada.

Zim now need 26 to win from 4 overs.
I've got a feeling that Canada are going to sneak this one.

23 needed off 3 overs
nooooooo..... bowl out

next match is gonna be delayed now

far out i gotta go sleep soon as well. bloody 4am here
The bowl out is underway...Canada to bowl first....and they hit!

lol, the Zimbabwean wicketkeeper is also going to have a go!
1-1 after one ball each.

Canada on their 2nd ball, and they MISS! Down legside...
1-2 Zimbabwe after 2 balls each.

Canada on their 3rd ball, and they MISS!
Zimbabwe hits on their 3rd!

3-1 Zimbabwe ahead after 3 balls!
Canada needs to hit with their 4th and they MISS!

Zimbabwe have won...that misfield near the end cost them the game.