Australia tour of India, 2nd Test: India v Australia at Hyderabad (Deccan) | Day 2

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Indian batsmen need to play out first few hours. It should be easy sailings from there. I won't be surprised if India piles up a big first inning total. There does not seem to be much swing off the pitch or the air. Should be a long day for Australian bowlers.
Australian bowlers are trying hard. Pitch is not going to offer much to them. Indian batsmen just need to be patient and play out the first hour. Ball will get old, bowlers will get tired. Easy sailings from there onwards.
Sehwag used to average 54 at one point, now it's below 50 ...... steep decline.
The best part of this is that the utterly woeful Sehwag is still useless, even at home. Now at an average of 49.34, rather hopeful that the silly discussions about him just two or three years ago about being a great opener will be put to rest.
Sehwag is turning into indias afridi ! Fans are frustrated with him, captain backs him up only to underperform and he's not ready to leave the team !
M. Vijay - 19* (73)
Pujara - 6* (27)

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SR of both the players right now -

Vijay - 25.67

Pujara - 21.21
I don't understand his approach, what's to be achieved by this defensive mindset? We are not trying to save this Test here, are we?

he's playing for the spot. Can't afford another failure.
F off Vijay, needs to be dismissed. Would be a welcome change to watch Sachin bat instead of this no-motive tortoise.
India RR 1.66

RR in last 10 overs - 0.90

Both these 2 have really started to get to my nerves.
Yawn.... boring.Watching Glaciers melt must be more entertaining than watching these two bat. :kallis would be proud of this effort
Is it Vijay or Misbah, batting for India? I think this approach is ok as long as they guard their wickets, with aggressive players yet to come. Post lunch India should look to score more.
I dont understand why some in the crowd cheering for a wicket.

Commentary Fail from Hayden. "Pujara struggling here" then replays show he has made it easily. :yk
If I were the captain, I would have promoted Vijay to no. 11 in the next innings. Look at his bloody approach, not even the slightest of effort to play any shots.
This is so boring, i'm actually watching India-Sri Lanka ODI highlights at Ten Cricket for the last half hour.
more and more :4s
sehwag's poor form was all bcoz of his eyesight.. now he started wearing glasses :vettori


will be back to form in no time :asadrauf
:haha,Please take your aunty to another optician :)))
Vijay with a slowly build-up 50 and Pujara seems to have settled as well.

But gotta score bit quickly from now on (at least 4 RPO)
106/1 & 49 overs left on day 2 . If we score around 375 by midday tomorrow, we should win this 1 on day 4 . Does anybody think this match will be go on to day 5 ?
Aussies have wasted away two toss wins , pathetic. Poms would have won both games.
106/1 & 49 overs left on day 2 . If we score around 375 by midday tomorrow, we should win this 1 on day 4 . Does anybody think this match will be go on to day 5 ?

I do think this match will progress till 5th day. Pitch here is not as helpful to the spinners as it was in Chennai. Despite all the bashings that it is getting from its fans, Oz batting line up is still a decent one to negate our Okish bowling attack on a not so tough pitch. I would be really surprised if they falter cheaply once again. So expecting a tough fight from them.
Pujara giving it his all despite struggling with knee:14:
What a boring day of cricket so far. Almost like watching 2 Dravids at the crease.
They should get about 230-240 today. Not bad if they can retain wickets for an assault tommorrow.
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