Australia v England [Super 8s/Match 11] - Updates


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Jun 27, 2003
Match scheduled to begin at 14:30 BST [13:30 GMT]

Team News:

AC Gilchrist, ML Hayden, RT Ponting, MJ Clarke, A Symonds, MEK Hussey, BJ Hodge, GB Hogg, NW Bracken, SW Tait, GD McGrath

AJ Strauss, MP Vaughan, IR Bell, KP Pietersen, PD Collingwood, A Flintoff, RS Bopara, PA Nixon, SI Mahmood, JM Anderson, MS Panesar
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Bopara needs to get a promotion up the order, he looks a really good batsman. I have a funny feeling that England are going to win this match and keep the race for the SF alive.
I would rather see Eng in the Semis than SAf
the top 3 players are too defensive for e ngland which creates pressure kp and flintoff. vaughan, joyce,bell thet need someone to take the game to australia. i would open with Bopara give him license to play freely
I'm 100% certain Eng will win. I think they only raise their game for Aus games thesedays.
Oxy said:
I'm 100% certain Eng will win. I think they only raise their game for Aus games thesedays.

Yes, as their 3 wins out of 10 suggest.
Uzzy said:
Yes, as their 3 wins out of 10 suggest.
Mentally they tend to view the Aus games as the 'big ones' - whether they win is another issue.
England v Australia

Andrew Strauss has been recalled by England for their crucial World Cup Super 8 game against Australia.

Strauss, who has not previously played a game in the tournament, replaces Middlesex clubmate Ed Joyce.

England are desperately in need of a victory to revive their chances of a place in the semi-finals.

Australia, meanwhile, have yet to name their team but either Brad Hodge or Mitchell Johnson is expected to come in for injured Shane Watson.

Massive win for Australia - 7 wickets or 100+ runs, I reckon.
Good. Strauss returns. Joyce has been a real disappointment, this world cup. Strauss must prove his worth today to the stupid selectors. Hoping for a England, only because it will be the Super 8s alive.
England won the toss - and have decided to bat first
Hopefully a big one from KP will see England to a good total
aus only hav 4 specialist bowlers eng need to take advantage of the 5th bowler
Wow! Ian Bell walks forward a couple of yards to meet the 1st delivery! Dont often see that 1st up!
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Cracking delivery 1st up from Tait! Loads of bounce!
Good, effective bowling from Tait - pace & bounce.
Bowling need a Jayasurya type appraoch for the 1st 15 overs. No point inplaying in ODIs otherwise.

The game has evolved. Eng have not
Vaughan BOWLED by Tait

Was on the cards.

10-1 off 3.2
Vaughan bowled by Tait. Played on.

His uselessness continues
vaughan gone. poor shot with an angled bat. never looked comfortable
hahahaha england caption is gone.. what a "CHABAL" (jerk) player he is....
Bouncer called wide by Bowden. That was a ripper.
Lovely shot by Strauss to get off the mark.

I'd always have him in my Eng team
wicked, they picked Strauss. My favourite England player
bell is such a slow/boring player dont know why his in the one day team
Fantastic fielding by Tait on the boundary - saves the boundary.

The outfield is SCARY!!!
1st boundary of the inngs.

Off driven for 4 by Bell.

Tait gets Strauss - he plays on

24-2 off 6 overs
Strauss out in a similar way to his captain

Tait getting too much pace and bounce and the English batsmen caught with angled bats
Oxy said:
Fantastic fielding by Tait on the boundary - saves the boundary.

The outfield is SCARY!!!
there is still some extra green stuff there but reminds me of Pakistan

Strauss out bowled. played on again
Eng 24-2
Strauss bowled by Tait. Exactly the same dismissal as Vaughan.

South African born, Number 1 ODI batsman in the world , Kevin Pieterson comes out to bat...
Uzzy said:
This should be interesting. Tait against KP.
I want to see McGrath vs KP more. McGrath knocked him out in the CB series as KP charged him down the pitch
Man, when Michael Hayden is throwing himself around like a 18 year old, you know you're up against it!
And Bell lofts a drive straight down the pitch - def targetting McGrath

Gilchrist is now standing at the stumps. Bell another four lofted over mid off
Eng 37-2
Bell has settled down. Looking quite assured now.

I am supporting the Aussies today. I hope they humiliate England badly :)
KP hits McGrath for 4 - made it into a full toss.
McGrath's first ball to Piertersen is hit for four
Eng 48-2 after 12 overs
Where are ICC - step in and take action!!! Wait, its not Pak or Ind doing the yapping!


Bell taming McGrath with ease - lovely advanced lofted drive over the covers
And followed up with a fantastic sqaure drive! Great shot

Follows the lofted drive with an ever better square drive. Beautiful shot
great off drive by Bell once again. McGrath must be ****** of by now
kevin pieterson is the best player in this world...

im a big fan of himm..