Australia v England | T20 WC | Group B | Cape Town | 14/9/07

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Mar 3, 2004
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Match starts at 1300 BST Friday

Australia squad
RT Ponting, AC Gilchrist, NW Bracken, SR Clark, MJ Clarke, BJ Haddin, ML Hayden, BW Hilfenhaus, BJ Hodge, GB Hogg, MEK Hussey, MG Johnson, B Lee, A Symonds, SR Watson

England squad
PD Collingwood, JM Anderson, SCJ Broad, A Flintoff, RJ Kirtley, DL Maddy, AD Mascarenhas, KP Pietersen, MJ Prior, CP Schofield, OA Shah, JN Snape, VS Solanki, CT Tremlett, LJ Wright
Seems like we are in for some real fun, provided England dont chock
england won the toss and elected to bat.............. come on england send aussies home early.
Hope pieterson is on fire again for this game.. i think he's going to play a big part in the outcome of this game.
Eng need 180+ to stand a chance. Its do or die for Australia, they are going to be ruthless today.
Steady start for both teams. 24 for 0 England from nearly 4 overs.

No Bradd Hogg for Australia which is rather surprising.
Prior gone for 17, caught off Johnson by Bracken at mid on.
Prior gone to the short ball again. Off the splice and caught at mid on off the bowling of Johnson.
Maddy hits a full toss through wide mid on for 4 after missing three in a row outside off stump..

Luke Wright gone for 3, awful shot, and Gilchrist takes the catch. Johnson picks up his second.

Kevin Pietersen comes in and smashes Johnson through cover for 4, first ball! Fantastic play!
England just aren't going fast enough

37 for 2 after 6.4 overs. About 20 runs short here.
42/2 (7)

Pietersen loves playing against Australia and loves playing in South Africa.. I think we're in for a treat.
Maddy gone, spooning the ball up to mid off. Clarke gets the wicket, Hussey picks up the catch.

England heavily reliant once again on Pietersen to lift them to a decent total.
Looks like england are wasting their chances of getting rid of Aussies from this tourney!
Aussies on the ball today. They seem up for the far that is.

Come on Engerland.
Pietersen flicks for a single..

52/3 (9)
Collingwood hits two 4's behind square on the leg side, Symonds getting the treatment.

64/3 after 10 overs.
England some how need to score 100+ in 2nd half of their inns here.
Collingwood slaps Lee for 6 over midwicket!

And Lee gets his revenge.. Cauliflower gone plumb LBW off a full toss.

what a shot by colly for 6! take that brett lee!
Collingwood swing and miss out LBW on full toss
Eng 73-4
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Time for flintoff to do buisness with bat for england! he hasnt for such a long time!!
Clarke into the attack.. and a HUGE appeal first ball for LBW! NOT OUT!
Pietersen comes down the track and hits Clarke through extra cover for 4!

Eng 86/4 after 12 overs..

at this rate 140 will be the target for aussies.
Lee into his final over and starts with a full toss to KP.
Another good shot for 4 by flintoff! A return to from with the bat?
even better shot the next ball which goes for 4.
Eng 97/4 after 13 overs

bracken to bowl now.
KP gone.. bracken knocks him over..

hughe blow eng 5 wickets down.
For Aus slow bowlers are taking a beating. It was Hodge the other day and today Symonds
Eng 122/5 after 16.2 overs..

160 from here may make game intresting.
Owais shaw out ct at boundry
Eng 128=7 after 17.4
Bracken bowling very intelligently. Half of his over (and last one) has been 65 mph balls
England have struggled throughout.

This innings emphasises the importance of making full use of the first 6 overs, something that England did not do and Pakistan need to look at.
Mascarenhas run out. ball touched Clark's (bowler) hand and hit the stumps
Eng 132-9 after 19 overs
If Australia knock off the runs in 12 overs, then England are out of the tournament.
Saj said:
If Australia knock off the runs in 12 overs, then England are out of the tournament.

question is will they go for it or just play it safe and go for a win and be is the next round.
9.2 overs to knock ENGLAND out............. and if they dont do that, then Zimbabwe goes out?? I mean, if Austrlia just plays a regular game and wins it, then Aus and Eng procesd to next round???
Lolz...but I think england doesnt diserve so much bad. Atleast they've pasted into the super 8's or super 6's or whatever. So did Pakistan, so I dont care what happens to England.
Ponting out
Aus 120-2 - need 16 more to win from 39 balls
so eng in our group now? or aus?
Aus in Pak group and Eng in the other. Zim is out
Well that was a bit of a pounding.....but what do you expect when Peter Moores is picking half of Sussex for the side. I cannot believe he dropped Anderson for Kirtley. Fortunately no points are carried through to the group stages.
Don't like this trash/20 stuff, but I have must admitt I do love it whenever theres an apparently vulnerability in the Aus team how people are so over eager with glee to see us lose, only for us to turn up when it matters most. Very satisfying. Good to see KP is still aching over that ashes humiliation too.

Thats about as enjoyable as its going to get for me in this format. Couldn't care less who wins from hereon.
So England go thru. Its a shame Symonds didn't come at 3, had he, it would have ended much quicker.
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