Australia v Ireland [Super 8s/Match 16] - Updates


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Oct 16, 2006
Starting in 3 hours. I expect Hussey and Symonds to be put up the order to give them some batting time. I have a slight soft spot for Ireland as my name is Irish and I have and I think I have an Irish background. But that won't stop me from supporting Australia.
Gilly will make a century. I'm sure of it. :)
Nope. But I feel a couple of Aussie players will be rested. So that Clark and Johnson will get a game.
Waqar's inswinging yorker said:
that would be understandable but i hope gilly,hayden and tait play!!
Yep. As I said, Gilly will make a century.
I will be suprised if anyone is rested. Ricky Ponting has stated he's not fond of the idea of rotating his players throughout this world cup. I expect Hussey to bat at 4 though.
Aussies have won the toss and elected to bowl. Stuart Clark has come in for Bracken.
Ireland get off the mark straight away. He's lucky there. Would've been plumb had it hit his pad first.
Looks like some Pak fans in the crowd aswell.. you can see a Pak flag at the background with some people during 1st over
Bowled. Brilliant yorker from McGrath. In between bat and pad. Bray goes for 1
Well well well. That really should have been punished that was a poor delivery.
I thought that if Hussey and Symonds were going to bat up the order, we would bat first. if we won the toss (Which we did). Surely?
What excellent fielding. What a stop by Roy. That should have been four. It was right out of the middle.
Rudi takes his time. OUT

LBW. Plumb to me

2-2 of 3 overs
O'Brien OUT! Plays on

1st ball

Tait on a hatrick!

PPs man Niall O'brien in. Do it for your country.
Nope. Bowled first ball. Tait on a hattrick.
He goes for a duck. 3/2 and I feel that Ireland will be out for a World Record.
Wowie, nearly a hat-trick. Kev O'Brien couldnt get a knick on it.
Kevin O'brien, Nial's brother in.
Tait running in to bowl........ (clap clap clap clap)
WHAT A JAFFA! So so close. Beatin him all ends up with swing.
Tatit a bit wayward -= but WHO CARES at that pace! Seriously hostile stuff.
Very nice shot from Kevin O'Brien. 4 runs through midwicket. Ireland fans start goin crazy.
O'Brien hit by a 149.2kph bouncer. Ouch. In the shoulder. Watch the ball son!
Repaets the previous shot - another 4 for O'Brien

12-3 off 4 overs.
Next ball he clips off his toes through midwicket for another 4. I thought he would bowl another bouncer.
edged and gone. McGrath gets another which Hayden catches. 12/4
Out. Another wicket for Australia. Morgan nicks it to Hayden and it is now 4/12.
He goes without troubling the scorers. Pigeon has his second.
Wow. So very nearly chopped it on then. Ireland are really struggling against the new world champions. :p
Waqar's inswinging yorker said:
what is the lowest score ever in the world cup?
36 by Canada in the 03 World Cup against Sri lanka. That is also the lowest total ever.
Yet another wide from Tait. He is going to give Ireland all their runs.
Punter Ponting has dropped him. It was a tough chance but by Punter's standards, he should have taken that.
What a looong and drawn out over.
3 wides and a no ball this over. Yet another wide. 4 wides now.
I expect Clark to come on now after McGrath's next over.
3 runs off the final ball. The over is finally over! HOORAY!