Australia v New Zealand :2nd Test : Adelaide Day 4 : 1.12.08


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Oct 11, 2008
New Zealand start on 35-0, still 230 behind. Chances are match could be over by the end of the day but we'll see whether New Zealand have other ideas.
First ball from Brett Lee slapped baseball style through Mid off for 4! and then out 2nd ball slashing to gully
Big Jesse at the crease, Redmond the man out. This continues the trend from the last 2 days, where wkts fall quickly early on in the day.
a wicket. someone Out. Redmond ct Clarke off Lee
NZ 39-1 - trail by 226
9 to go, let's wrap these guys up before we have to bat again.
Ryder ct by Symonds at cover or point off Lee
NZ 55-2 - trail by 209
Monday 1 december, 2008
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That was Brett Lee's 306th test wkt and he goes level with Harbajan Singh who also has 306
On_the_up said:
That was Brett Lee's 306th test wkt and he goes level with Harbajan Singh who also has 306
If he stops here then he can have a bhangra face off in IPL team meeting. Maybe the Wasim Akram dance show
On_the_up said:
That was Brett Lee's 306th test wkt and he goes level with Harbajan Singh who also has 306

both chuckers r now even
Lee gets his 3rd for the day, Ross taylor caught and bowled, looks like it will be all over before the end of the day
Usual stuff from NZ, Lee running into some form before the South African series good to see.
Lee got his 4th! Ponting with a beauty diving full length to his right
what a catch by Ponting. Lee gets another one. How ct at second slip (was 3rd slip where he ct it) off Lee
NZ 63-4
Lee with 4 for 14 this spell. NZ from 35-0 to 63-4
only 2 wkts away from a 10fer now, it will be his first if he gets it, 8 is the most wkts he's ever taken in a test match. For a guy who's got 300+ its a remarkable statistic. Bob Willis is the leader in that department, he got 325 wkts without ever getting 10 in a match.
Lee thought he got his 5th but Billy Doctrove says no, rightly so.

Next ball gets an edge but Haddin drops a clanger, one handed.

Its all happening out there.
Malik with no 3rd slip. last catch was ct at 3rd slip and now a edge goes to 3rd slip
NZ 76-4 - trail by 189
MJ with another 6/84

MJ now got 60 wickets in 15 Tests and average now under 30.
Random Aussie said:
MJ with another 6/84

MJ now got 60 wickets in 15 Tests and average now under 30.

And he can improve, and needs to improve he wants to go from being merely a consistent contributor and a true match-winning bowler. For a start, he could try landing the ball with the seam upright for a change.
Headingly 81 is on its way!

but no a fine performance from AUS and good to see Lee back in a little bit of form
Have we beaten the Hobbits yet? We need to grind SOMEONE into the dirt. The Hobbits will do as well as any.
Australia defeat New Zealand by an innings and 62 runs.

Lee picks up 5, 9 for the match. McCullum with an entertaining knock at the end, 4-6-6!
Why do the Kiwis even bother turning up?
Much better performance than Brisbane.

Lee got wickets, Haddin made runs, Clarke made runs again.

Horrorwitz can trundle himself back to club cricket where he belongs.

Now for South Africa - this should be a good series.
Anyone else notice Brett Lee had a massive whole in his pants in a rather conspicuous area?
Australia win 2-0 as expected. However, this was to be expected.

S.A series will be a real test to see if Aussies have recovered from sound beating in India
Looks like Haddin will maybe kick on his Test career now after getting a maiden test ton.
Haddin did just what he needed to do. This was a timely knock. His place is secure but he will have to be a bit more consistent. Timely return to Form for Lee, never for one second did i feel he actually lost his pace, he was bowling below his full capacity. He will do well on Australia and South African pitches.
Fine effort from the Aussie bowlers on a good wicket though the Kiwis helped them out a bit with some spineless batting.

The tone was set from the second ball, Redmond seems a bit too keen on removing the dull tag that he's become associated with.

Might sound strange but there's quite a bit of ability in this Kiwi line up, How's record is poor but he looked very solid today hardly played a false shot until his dismissal which was both down to a good bowling and even better catching. Add to that Taylor and Ryder who look outstanding prospects though Ryder's application has been found wanting. Flynn has had a poor test both with the bat and in the field but he could complement the others nicely as a he's not as flashy.

All in all kiwis need to stick with this lot, inexperience is the main issue at present, a year down the line it should pay off.

The series against the Windies might not see a lot of high quality cricket but should be a good one with two fairly evenly matched teams taking part.

Haddin may have turned a corner with the bat but his keeping is pretty dodgy, seems to have Kamiitis.
A usual drubbing for the Kiwis:|.
Hayden will be kicking himself. This was his chance of getting some good runs under his belt before facing the challenging S.A bowling attack. He made a mess of it.
To be honest, i am still not too impressed by Lee. Yes he got wickets but this New Zealand team is just crap. Lee's lack of pace is a source of concern to me.
New Zealand would struggle in Division 2 of the English County circuit - they are a very average side and that is being generous to them.
Not sure how much the Kiwis recent poor form has to do with John Bracewell but he's as unpopular with ex players/former teammates as our coaches usually are.

Martin Crowe has come up with some interesting revelations below :

Martin Crowe, the former New Zealand captain, has called for a complete overhaul of the way New Zealand are managed after an innings loss in Adelaide that he described as "our worst moment in Test cricket". The defeat at the hands of Australia meant New Zealand fell below West Indies on the ICC Test rankings and they now sit eighth, ahead of only Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

Crowe said he was so disappointed with the top order's self-destruction that he left the Adelaide Oval at lunch after seeing several batsmen throw their wickets away in a session when they lost 5 for 48 and any hoping of saving the Test. But he did not blame the players, who he believes became increasingly confused under the outgoing coach John Bracewell.

"We've put a coaching regime in place and they have got in the way of the development of these talented cricketers," Crowe said on Radio Sport. "The last five years have been probably the most destructive to our game in the history of our game."

The new coach Andy Moles is taking over ahead of this month's home series against West Indies and Crowe said it was up to Moles to change the culture of the group. Crowe was particularly angry that in recent times the young players were being asked to fill out forms after each day's play and assess their own and each other's performances.

"I'm sorry but this is just not the way you go about allowing sportsmen, allowing cricketers to express themselves and I find it quite sickening to be honest," Crowe said. "You've got to allow cricketers to be themselves, you've got to allow them to be individual and you've got to ask them to be self-sufficient.

"I just want it all cleared out. Give the kids a chance to just be what they can be and I'm sure they'll respond in time. Ross Taylor is a terrific player and he's a hell of a bloke and he wants it badly but you just sense along with his mate Jamie How that they're getting really confused."

New Zealand have had success as a one-day team during Bracewell's five years in charge and are ranked fifth, above England, Sri Lanka and West Indies. But as a Test unit they have struggled to be competitive and have often seemingly still been in a limited-overs mode when patience was required, as it was on the fourth day in Adelaide.

"They looked fearful," Crowe said. "They've gone from showing some signs that they can get in behind the ball but today it was just atrocious. That's a mental thing - that means that someone has got into their mindset and they've got to a point where they can't actually think properly."

However, Crowe was hopeful that a new coaching regime might bring some positive changes. "Let's hope that Andy Moles and Dan Vettori can just put a smile on people's faces and let them have a beer at the end of the day," he said. "Let them relax, let them be human beings."

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