Australia v New Zealand | WT20 Warm-up Match | 19/03/14 | Pre-Game Discussion

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steelo green

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Oct 19, 2013
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The battle of Oceania continues in this warm up match between the hottest T20 team in the world and the team to watch closely in this tournament.

Australia having won 5 straight T20s, and New Zealand who has turned heads with its recent play against the top nations in the world.
These two rarely play. expecting a good match. come on New Zealand!
And they choose to broadcast the least interesting game to appease a certain fanbase :facepalm:

I'm sure the neutrals would much rather see the other two games than this one sided trouncing.
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I reckon the Aussies will be keeping their powder dry for this one.
So Warner and Finch retired out. Knew they would be keeping their powder dry
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