Australia vs India | 6th ODI | Nagpur | 14/10/07 |

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Mar 21, 2007
This is a virtual final for India. They have to win here and the next one to prevent Australia from running away with the series. Australia has elected to bat first.

Good luck India and EID Mubarak to all my friends here :)
Toss: Ricky Ponting has called correctly and Australia will bat first. Matthew Hayden will sit out because of the hip injury he sustained and Brad Haddin replaces him.

australia to set a total of 280+
Clarke gone for duck...caught behind! Aus 2/1 :D

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Why ARY isnt showing this match??
Ponting slams for a superb SIX

Aus 20/1
Gilchrist dropped by Dravid...should have been taken.
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Excellent batting by Australia.... boundaries flowing all over the place.
300+ on the cards

Aus 46/1 in 6 overs
Aus 1/54 after 8 overs

This is what Ponting means by aggressive cricket.
Ponting gets a life...PLUMB..not given :(
sheesh australia off to another flier ...

they continue to remain a juggernaut even whilst missing some of their top players !
12.4 Harbhajan to Gilchrist, FOUR!!, Harbhajan tosses it up on the stumps, spins away from the left hander, Gilchrist comes on the frontfoot and drives it between extra cover and long off for four, just caressed it away, makes room for himself and puts it away
Another one !!!

12.6 Harbhajan to Gilchrist, FOUR!!, short and wide outside off, spins further away to provide Gilchrist extra room, Gilchrist goes on the backfoot and cuts it to deep backward point for four, that raced away along the lightning quick outfield
Fish said:
LBW's are not normally given off inside edges.

There was no inside edge...mate! The bat was behind the leg.
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gilli is using a squash ball. now the indians are gonna call him a cheat if he scores a 100!
just heard than that gilly is using a squash ball in his inner glove again need a innings from him like he did in the world cup final
Gilchrist gone...doesnt matter now if he uses a squah ball or a WATERMELLON!
He used a squash ball at the 2007 World Cup finals too the way.
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17.6 Pathan to Hodge, FOUR, poor delivery to finish a superb over, Pathan loses direction and strays outside leg stump, Hodge gets a tickle on to it and the ball races to the fine-leg boundary and ruins what could have been a maiden over
18.1 Harbhajan Singh to Symonds, 1 run, dropped! And by Sreesanth! Symonds plays a half-hearted sweep and the top edge swirls down to long leg where Sreesanth runs in from the boundary, gets both hands to it but can't hold on, he was on the move when he reached the ball and wasn't in a good position to take the catch
Hodge has hit so far Harbhajan Singh for two 4's in a row
21.5 Kartik to Hodge, OUT, caught! Kartik drifted the ball into middle stump, drawing Hodge forward in defense, the ball gripped the pitch and spun across the right-hander, taking the outside edge which went straight to Dravid, splendid delivery

129/4....Hodge gone for 20, again a good catch by Dravid.
Yurvaj comes in for his first ball and Symonds hits him for SIX !!
Hey just copying and pasting your commentary from
aussie-pak said:
aus in trouble

Man you give up early, you should change your nick to England-pak, Aussies dont give up that easy.
Fish said:
Man you give up early, you should change your nick to England-pak, Aussies dont give up that easy.


Aussies don't give up until the last ball...
Haddin just picking out the singles

7 of 32 balls

4/168 from 30 overs
SIX by Haddin !!!

184-4 after 33.4
Hope Symond will stay till the end, and Australia will score 270+; that will be enough to teach full strength India team a lesson in their own backyard.
Sreesanth strikes for India... Haddin goes....
204/5 after 38 overs
Looks like another 300+ score for the Aussies
215/5 with about 10 overs to go.

And wow, Symonds has been in frighteningly good form lately! I think he'll make a century today.
Symonds hits for a SIX!!! his tenth of the series...
I think Australian should embarass Indian by declaring a ODI match. I am sure 250 is more than enough for Indian to lose.
Indian should also remember that they prepared spin wicket for ODI match and Aussies got three spinners on Clarke, Symond and Hodge.
omg just a flick of a rist and hit outside of the ground.. what a hitter symond is ..
Symonds all the way...for a HUUUGE SIX...ball out of the
Ramiz is having fun in the commentary box. Suggesting this six should be declared as 12.
hellopak said:
Ramiz is having fun in the commentary box. Suggesting this six should be declared as 12.

I like his commentary :D
100 for Symond now India should expect 15 runs an over in remaining 3 overs if he stayed till end.
Congratulations to Symonds on his wonderful 100 !!!
Its all sreeshants fault. he not only made symond angry but also droped his catch.

anyways, i am loving his bating.. keep up the great work and teach indains a lesson :D
Cricinfo instead of saying "Symond slaughtered Indians pie thrower" is saying "Symonds' ton powers Australia"
wow, here are some of the recent overs...

Recent overs 4 2 1 2 4 2 | 4 1 1 W 2 1 | 2 1 1 . 4 6 | 1 1wd . 1 1 W 1
hellopak said:
Aussies knows how to put Indian to sleep. This site is so peaceful.
Well, atleast we dont go on blaming our own players' for what was a clear superlative performance by the opposition ... Symmonds knock was a special one ... And we appreciate it ! He had a close lbw shout which was given in his favor ... A catch dropped ... Apart from that - he didn't so much as give a half chance to us ... Such an innings is worth applauding rather than going and calling for your own players' heads (like you pak fans do) ...
Looking forward to India's batting now......
First boundary for India.... :14:

16/0 - mostly boundaries by Ganguly

in 3.4 overs
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