Australia VS New Zealand 1st ODI D/N at Wellington [19/02/05]

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Aug 29, 2004
Should be a great contest between arguably the two best two ODI teams in the world.

Match starts at 1am GMT.

PS. This match also counts towards Pak Passion Fantasy Cricket.
latest --> Australia 40/1 (8.1 ov)

good recovery here
aus still @ 5 an over

theyr gonna score 300

lets see what fleming and his men can do
sajjad said:
aus still @ 5 an over

theyr gonna score 300

lets see what fleming and his men can do
for australia.....if either ponting or well...aussiess would get 350
NZ on the comeback
158/5 in 38 overs

and another very close LBW goes to the aussies

Bowden dissappointing again

bowden has given 2 or in my mind 3-4 obv wrong decisions..
2 clear ones were off hayden
hayden n ponting scored double digits so far
Styris 8 1 30 4

Now will people say he too should play test cricket for his bowling? :-D

Will he be effective in India?
aleem dar gives away a close one to the aussies this time

looked out
Astle plumb first over, umpire dosent give it.

Looks like the umpires are going to carry NZ.
Fish cud u tell me wat speeds is lee bowling at pls?
I am narked off Clarke got a duck but captain ponting did me proud and Hoog made 25*.

Mcgrath-7 overs 3maidens 7runs 1wicket :)
I hope Hogg gets 2 or 3 wickets down the order and that McMillan can chip in with quick runs

42.6 McGrath to McMillan, OUT: well the standing up pays-off big as planned, McMillan went for a huge drive off and fast one outside off and missed, Gilchrist brilliantly stumped him

Australia 236/7 (50 ov)
New Zealand 185/6 (43.2 ov)

52 off 40 balls required

McCullum in after that 136kph ball stumping, amazing!
mcgrate does it again :S 13 runs, 11 balls, 1 last wicket as marshal is bowled by mcgrate
Mcgrath : 9.4 overs, 16 runs, 4 wickets.

and this guy was considering retiring.
nz wer throwing wickets away in end instead of looking for singles they were going for the big hits thats why mcgrath picked up kiles and marshall.
so they adopted the Pak approach to snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?
It was arround 145 km/hr I believe. Thats what I heard from the commentrary team.
Soz ZM actually no messenger here.So if want to talk while i'm on here then use yahoo.
whoever had Mcgrath as captain made a great decision. Ponting was 2nd best choice
Your lucky! I had Ponting as my captain.If thursday's mach counted i would be miles ahead
superb bowling by mcgrath, once agen in a tight situ with backs against wall aussies win.
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