Bangladesh tour of Zimbabwe, 3rd ODI: Zimbabwe v Bangladesh at Harare, Aug 16, 2011


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Feb 28, 2010
Zimbabwe on the verge of winning their first odi series since 2006, Zimbabwe are favorites. Don't see Bangladesh winning a single match.

:shakib won the toss and elected to field first.

From Zimbabwe's point don't think any changes are necessary.

For Bangladesh, either Imrul, Ashraful or Riyadh needs to be replaced with Big Z. And Shafiul with Nazmul. Won't make any difference though, I see Zimbabwe winning by 50+ runs. :butt

Match about to begin in 15 minutes
This has to be the ugliest Bangladeshi jersey in times, why put orange :facepalm:

Bangladesh in with 3 trundlers and dropped Ashraful for Shuvagoto Hom and Nazmul comes in for Razzak
cautious start...maybe bangla will beat them today...batting second always helps set the pace on SR.
Zimbabwe playing sensibly, good approach by the batsmen so far, I can sense a Coventry like innings coming up
Why does it seem like every commentator discusses trigger movements of batsmen these days?
why would you take out ashraful and keep least if ashraful goes off it will win the game.
Taylor ........needs to play a big one here today. Bangladesh bowlers are not threatening. Its an ideal situation for him to get a big one.
This is why we need Big Z at slip, at 6'3 he can catch it, if it was Ash it would have flown over his head at 5'4 :yk
Zimbabwe 14/1 (7.1 ov)

Bangladesh must be given the credit.......... they have bowled well.
Zimbabwe need more of those......... If bangladesh can restrict them to 220 - 240 ........Bangladesh would fancy there chances.
Zimbabwe need to make full use of this PP and try and get at least 35 runs without loosing a wicket.
shafiul is bowling good length today.......despite lacking in pace. He has not allowed the Zimbabwe to go free.
Taibu is experienced player........he needs to score when it matters .......and the time is right now.
Zimbabwe 73/2 (21.3 ov)

This partnership needs to stay till 30 overs, to build a big platform.
Zimbabwe showing how to bat when the going is tough.

They are gritting it out like a normal batting side. A lesson for Bengali batsmen.