Bangladesh v Pakistan | 1st Test | Chittagong | 09-13/12/11 | Day 4

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I feel this will be a looooooong loooooooong day for Pakistan, I reckon they'll save this test match (The Bengalis)
yaar :misbah let :ajmal and :rehman operate from both ends to finish the match quickly, what's the point in bowling :gul ??? :facepalm:
74 run partnership, far better batting by Bangladesh here. Showing great application.
People say Rehman should be out of team, but look he has 50 wickets in his 11 th Test. Same as Ajmal & Asif . And he is no mug with the bat. Bowls long economical spells.
From Cricinfo.
Anees: "If I were Nazimuddin, I would try to score another 22 runs and retire-hurt and announce my retirement to have higher average than Bradman. I don't how many people would be pleading for my return?"



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Rehman is the fastest bowler to reach 50 Test wickets for Pakistan, in 11 matches...

With Ajmal. :ajmal

Effective duo.
I hope Misbah makes YK field on the boundry so that he does not tell Nazimuddin to go for his 100! :Nasir

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"I think he talks too much, he's far too chirpy for the job"


"Nazimuddin is quickly moving up the list of most balls faced by a Bangladeshi batsman in a Test innings - got a while to go though until he reaches the record of 380 set by Aminul Islam in Bangladesh's first ever Test."

( cricinfo)
Nazimuddin getting a hundred here, would be something that would make it better for Bangladeshi Batters.
Nazimuddin doing the right thing, time to get some runs here. Just go after the spinners.
Nazimuddin was crossing his limits. He should have given more respect to Pakistani bowlers. :ajmal
Catch saeed ajmal bowled abdur rehman. This duo is now helping each other to get wickets.
"There are two missing pieces from the Pakistan jigsaw. Amir is obviously one, but the other is Zulqarnain as wicketkeeper. They cannot afford an Akmal against a decent team."

Pakistan need to find solution for a good WK.... it is very important for test matches, Umar Akmal is okay for shorter formats. for the sake of balance.
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