Bangladesh v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Dhaka | 17-21/12/11 | Day 1

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Did we win the toss? Any changes?

No coverage of toss here.

Never mind. Just checked cricinfo toss has been delayed.
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Pakistan should bowl first - lets finish this match in 3 days this time around...
i hope Talha gets a go, pakistan need to finish this year on a strong note
9.25 It has brightened up slightly, the umpires say, but still not good enough it appears. They would ideally like to start the game with natural light.

It was Bangladesh's independence day recently.. is it fair for us to do what we're about to do, given history?
kids singing patriotic songs just as they play pakistan. the timing of this tour couldn't have been worse.
10.10am We're still waiting for information about when the game will start, but they've started clearing the dew from the outfield now. The covers are being taken off. The game will begin at 10.45am. The toss will take place at 10.20am.

Not sure if I am aloud to post this, but radio commentary is available on tune in app on blackberry phones. Search cricket and there is station called international cricket.
"All the big players are here for the toss" Ramiz Raja

And the camera pans to BD captain who is like 5'5".

Ranil behind the camera talk with Akram AFTER the toss:

Ranil: "Sunny, do we have just one minute?Sunny, would the pitch report be shown before the Toss clip? (Sunny says "yes")..Ok, (to Akram) so you can go to the pitch with me and I will ask you your thoughts on the about the grass, then I can ask you what you think the captain winning the toss should do"

Akram: "Brilliant, lets go"

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As usual, Misbah is being over-cautious and not giving chance to new players.
Gul needed rest. The important England series is coming up. I don't know wat Misbah is thinking.
dravid's oration speech comes to mind

"you don't want to play to empty stadiums"
Cheems didn't even appeal, bit like Philander the other day in SA v SL match!
Gul is bowling crap

Make them play. Tamim hasnt had to play a single ball from Gul yet
You know if Cheema appealed for that I can see Tarapore giving that too hahaha
It's been a while since we've seen Pakistan bowling in swinging conditions. Great to see.
why is :gul playing ? should have been rested and a youngsta beauty should have played
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