Bangladesh v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Dhaka | 17-21/12/11 | Day 3

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Feb 4, 2005
Delayed start yet again for Day 3.

Pakistan need to play positively and should look to score at a healthy rate.
rubbish game, delayed starts stupid fog
BD should plan to invite high ranking teams during moon soon...
Best (only) to improve their ranking.
9.15 am The inspection is going to be at 9.30. I am told that the fog is worse today than it has been so far. - cricinfo
Can we not opt to bat anyway? I mean we're okay with it (I think)
Billy Doctrove should have spoken to Steve Bucknor. This nonsense is setting the game back. With protection the batting team should be allowed to chose if they want to bat, the fielders aren't certainly at risk as they were when Bucknor let England bat in the dark.
Pakistan should go in 1day mode, calculations need to be done and followed, this match will show what attitude the management have in regards to a winning mentality
Its so annoying having 1-2 hours taken off everyday of a Test match! One more reason why day-night matches are so integral to game's future in this part of the world.

I'd be super mad if this test match gets drawn because of lack of play time!
Oh please it's 4am in the UK, listening to Nick Knight and still awake.

Shouldn't be too long now...I hope.
Think I'd just play PS3 for the time being, getting bit boring listening to Knight, Udal and Solanki

Can't believe that Rankin is selected for the England Lions, another steal from the Irish :(

What match isn't about to start? What the hell crickinfo was talking about?
100 is up in 31st over, we need to pick it up to ensure a result in this match
:azhar 41.44 strike rate. If this is the case against BD, what can we expect against better teams????
This way Pakistan would find it hard against better teams, you need to score at fair pace to win test matches, need to give bowlers time to get 20 wickets.
I won't blame the batsmen it the captain and the coach who are supposed to tell batsmen to go for a win instead of a draw. But looks like both are happy with a draw. :inti
I guess, Pakistan management is happy with a draw, this mentality is hindering Pakistan for a long time, always happy for draws, not looking to win.
:azhar needs the batting coach to work with him, he is just not rotating the strike against this Bowling?
I am actually hoping for wicket, YK can at least rotate strike with spinner on all day long at a healthy SR.
Very very negative batting by Pakistan here, Honestly did not expect this, Batsmen playing for there own averages instead of trying to win a game.
pak will bat today and half tommrow

then all depends how banagli bat
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