Bangladesh v Pakistan | 2nd Test | Dhaka | 17-21/12/11 | Day 4

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Feb 6, 2005
Supposed to be an early start once again, but we know how that's been going in this test match

Match is "supposed" to start in 13 minutes.
Pakistan batsman have to score runs at a quicker pace or match will be drawn.
PIA v ZTBL is also on tonight, what channel is that on? Geo Super?
9.00am: Good morning everyone and welcome to the coverage of the fourth day. We've just heard that there will be an inspection at 9.30. No miraculous change of weather I'm afraid. That's all we have so far.

Source- Cricinfo
9.20: Still a bit gloomy but the covers are coming off. Isam says that play may well start at 9.30. That's not too far away.

Good news!!
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Weather looking a lot better today. Pakistan looking to bat the day out and put a lead of around 270 to declare early on day 5.
Younis wasn't awake, had fog in his eyes. A poor defence shot to an average ball. Meanwhile Misbah is getting his eye...s in.
I wonder why Pakistan wants to play teams like SA / England etc, they should play only zim / BD to boost there averages.
Asad 0 from 15 balls, Lets just forget about winning this test match. Just check the scoreboard at the end of day 5.
We don't need runs, we're playing for the draw.:misbah

This may be a plausible and actually - the most likely - scenario.

I'm off then. I'm going to play Skyrim till my eyes hurt and our score is 320-4 after 140 overs.
Shafiq looks one terrible batsman, know he scored a century but he does not instill any confidence and could well be an easy wicket for england, this team is made up full of tempremental players which all good and well but the rotation of strike is a major point in any form of cricket and is missing in this current line up

We need to counter attack but Tuk Tuk is what is hapening :(
Just imagine a Kohli / Rohit sharma here, would they have been on 0 after 15 balls, that too against BD
1 off it. Credit to Bangladesh they have come out wanting to make a game of it. Attacking field for spinner and defensive for the seamer, trying to keep it tight. The lower order aren't the best players of spin and they know it. Shafiq looking solid but still on 0.
Muhammad asks: "Is it a bad thing that I'm hoping Misbah and Asad get out simply because watching the tailenders bat and seeing the bowlers bowl is far more exciting."

I just do not see Pakistan competing against better teams with such selfish players in the midle.
shafiq 0 from 18 balls, well played. This guy is pathetic, just cannot bat at international level.
Seriously if we carry on seeing this negativity then the future is bleak, Misbah and the management are by far the defebsive team we have seen even more defensive then Inzy and Malik
The team was already full of selfish players and now, Mohsin would continue as a coach, since August Waqar was out, they could not find a coach..... PCB should be awarded for this. What a lazy and idiotic approach.
nice drive by Misbah, 4 more.

Pakistan are on top but you can't expect Bangladesh to crumble every time, they will give a good go. Good test match cricket.
y do asad always play the way that he is not going to play next match !!!!
I do not understand how do layers like asad get to play International cricket? Is there absolutely no more talent in a cricket loving country like pakistan.
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