Bangladesh vs South Africa | 2nd ODI | Mirpur | 12.03.08


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Jan 18, 2007
Not going to well for all those hoping to see S.A lose . 18 for 4 bangladesh at the moment .
Time for Shakib to show if he really is one of these talented Bangali youths everyone has been talking about. No need for the big shots, we'll see how disciplined these guys are.
saffer said:
wow..this pitch is slow !!!

180 might be a good score.....

not too good perhaps for bangladesh bowlers to defend in front of decent saf batting line up
a score of around 210 would be good on this surface.. well played the two Hasans.
this just pisses me off for ashraful's ______ (there aren't words to describe this stupidity ad infinitum)
good recovery by two Hasan (sakibul and rakibul) :)
Bangladesh 122/4 (33.0 ov)
Current partnership- 104 runs (Shakib Al Hasan 41, Raqibul Hasan 53)
bablu_khan said:
what happend????

we're 6-1...he's the skipper.

he's already been beaten, or nearly out once already...and what does he do?

he hooks the 4th ball he's faced and albie morkel does a fine job to run to long leg from fine leg and take the catch inches inside the ropes.

9 times out 10 that would be 4 or 6.

but it doesn't justify the shot. cause lucky number 1 was today.

actually he got out in similar fashion 2 monts ago when oram did the same thing.
bablu_khan said:
what happend????

Unnecessary hook WAY too early in the innings, great catch from Albie Morkel at the ropes, he was the only fielder on leg side
it was 6/2
53/1 south africa....wicket crumbling rapidly .Could still be interesting for Bangladesh .