Bat pressing and face cracking


Apr 27, 2010
On my current bat I purposely got a bat that was lightly pressed, while it plays really, really well, there are some draw backs.

In the third match it developed a vertical crack from the toe extending 2 inches, I PVA glued and clamped the bat for 48hours. problem solved.

Played 3/4 of a full season (missed 1/4 of season due to injury) with it without any problems, today after a nets session I cleaned the extra-tec face to remove the cherries and I found what looked like surface cracks under the extra-tec. Upon removing the extra-tec I found 1 vertical surface crack (2 inches long) half way up the bat close to the edge and a surface crack on the edge looks like it may connect with the face crack under the face. I will sand it back, re-extra-tec it and hope it lasts a little while longer. but it looks to be terminal.

What are peoples opinions on surface cracking due to lightly pressed bats? If I can only manage a season out of a bat before it starts to fall to pieces, I don't want to be spending £300 every time.

At both crack areas there is a very noticeable compression of the wood. Both crack areas are on the edges, does that indicate that the willow can't take the force over the smaller area?
Personally I hate lightly pressed bats as they don't last very long. You wouldn't believe I have owned lightly pressed bats for example CA and while knocking I have seen vertical cracks. I was knocking my MB LE and near the edge there was a face crack and that was when I was knocking the bat. I still remember the first net I had with my CA 12000 Plus bat the ball was flying and now it is not as good as first net although I have hardly used that bat.

So I think these lightly pressed bats won't last more than a season.

Do you mind telling which brand bat is it?

Usually companies like GM, Gray Nicolls etc press there bats hard because they want them to last long.
If it's ok with you, could you please post picture of the crack?

Also, as CD bhai said, it depends on the company, on whether they want there bats to last longer but also take longer to open up, or if they want it to go like a bullet train in the first season.

While we are on the topic, CD bhai, would you mind telling me if Pakistani bats are soft pressed or hard pressed? And which companies hard press and which companies soft press?