Buying a Bat


Feb 26, 2010
Hello guys.

I am actually looking to buy a bat from Karachi since they are very expensive here in Canada, I am not actually there and will have a friend bring it for me.
I am looking for a but for about 10000-12000 rupees. I am currently using my brother's bat right now, I like it but its a bit too heavy for me. Im not sure what bat I should get. Would increasing my price range to 15000 make a big difference in the bat quality?

Any advice will be appreciated :)


My Apologies for posting this in the wrong forum. Can someone move this to the Cricket Equipments Forum?
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I suggest you post this again in the equipment forum. You won;t get any response here.
Make sure you buy a bat that is not too heavy ........ buy a light bat , so that you can play cut and pull well.
Pick up the bat see what you like pick up as many bats as you like dont pick 1 or 2 i mean pick up a dozen if your are a serious customers they wont mind the main objective is to see what feels comfortable. The 2 most important things are overall weight of the bat and position of the the middle if you are a front foot player low middle, back foot high middle... hope that helps
Most people buy bats that are way too heavy for them "Look at the thick profile mas it's just like Matthew Hayden uses" and then wonders why they cannot play the hook and pull shot.

Unless you are a professional player, or substantially muscled, you should not be picking anything up heavier that 2'9'.

2.7 to 2.9 is enough for most people. You should be able to hold the bat horizontal at extension for 30 seconds without your arm wobbling.
even internationals use 2'7....... I have a used one from mohammed yousuf his bat weighs 2'7

some use 2'10 or 2'9 then double grip it to get a good balance of the wight. it all depends what is your comfort zone, not on the first ball but on the 50th ball