Buying from AS Sports


Jun 20, 2011
I have seen a few posts at Pakpassion where folks have shopped at AS Sports website. However, I do not find any link to make purchase on their site:

Am I looking at the wrong site or do I have to contact the company by email? The prices of bats are not listed on their website.

Thanks in advance.
You have to email them for a quote
Me and my team have been e-mailing Waqasbhai for some time now but to no avail.....does anyone have an idea of the shipping charges to the U.S.A from Pakistan for a personal kit worth of stuff?
I think it is Rs. 2500-3000 via Pakistan Post but Bhasrat Bhai can confirm this.
A couple of months ago, Waqas bhai quoted me $52.00 for 1 bat via EMS courier. He also offered a less expensive option of $30.00 via ground shipment that could take about 30 days. But remember, this was only for 1 bat.
Thanks guys! I just hope he sends one reply;

CD Man-- could you please explain the question I had asked in anakwalajinn's (sp??) thread.....I don't wanna clutter multiple threads with the same query.....TIA boss.