Ca softs advice


Jun 21, 2013
I have recieved my ca 15000 le bat from Ca factory and it is sweet. Now I am looking at getting some Ca pads and gloves. As we can not buy Ca gear in Australia I was looking for some advice please. Which are better the trd or the 15000 plus for softs.
Thanks in advance for your info.
CA 15000 pads and gloves are more comfortable as compared to TRD. They also have better fit & feel.
Just got my ca 15000 batting gloves today... And they're simply the best pakistani gloves out there.. They r pretty close to SS in terms of quality and feel... Go for them instead of trd...

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Ca 15000 gloves are the best in terms of all aspects, they are better than the 15000 players gloves as well!