Canistani Hero joins Warriors United FC!

Canistani Hero

Senior T20I Player
Mar 3, 2012
Guillem Balague broke the news late last night. He revealed Canistani Hero met with some senior Warriors United FC board members several times, this past week.

The board was relatively unhappy with the performance of their current manager, Boi, and had been scouting replacements since last month.

Balague, a senior reporter with 'The Times' revealed he had contacted Hero, who said"It's a great club, they've got some terrific fans, an extremely talented bunch of players and they're ambitious, I feel I'll fit right in"

Hero, who was holding midfielder in his playing days, has reportedly signed a three year contract which will earn him in excess of over £4m per year.

Hero refused to comment when asked if he thought the board had been harsh in sacking Boi.

"I can't comment on that, it's a tough business, not everybody gets a rub of the green"

United's star striker, Lisandro Lopez tweeted a welcome to his manager. "Welcome Hero! Hoping you can turn things around! #WUFC"

Welcome to PPFMC. Hope you enjoy your time here. You seem very enthusiastic about this. Hope to have some fun.
BREAKING NEWS: The Real Fortis manager has created quite the controversy, following comments on the new Warriors United manager. When asked what he thought of the appointment, this is what he had to say:

"Look it makes no difference who manages that club, they havent the players, structure not the pedigree to move forward and play proper football. Ive seen the new managers CV....all im going to say to him is...GOOD LUCK mate, youre gonna need it..."

More news when we get other news the U-19 cricket WC Quarter-final between arch-rivals Pakistan and india is due to start in just over 2 hours time, with Pakistan looking for yet another WC semi-final...

You can talk the talk ... Now its time to show you can walk the walk.

Good luck CH! A word of warning though, the board is run by donkeys so you need to get off to a winning start!
Thank you all.

Matchfixer, we'll see, first match is against you :junaid

Boi, Thanks for the support, I hope they give me sometime to adjust and turn the tide :afridi