CB Series 2nd Final (SCG): Australia vs England 2:15pm (0315GMT)

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Oct 16, 2006
Starts today at the SCG. There is a high chance of rain.
Here is the current radar as of Sydney as of 1pm local time. (5 minutes ago)
Zoomed in

Zoomed out

At the moment it shows that there is no rain in Sydney. But lots around the suburbs.
Here are the webcams for the SCG.
Ground Cam

Scoreboard Cam.
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Come on England! Demoralise the Aussies for the WC!
Hmm, I've figured out that the webcams only get updated every 20 minutes.
They might update quicker when the match starts.
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England's team:
England 1 Ed Joyce, 2 Mal Loye, 3 Ian Bell, 4 Andrew Strauss, 5 Paul Collingwood, 6 Andrew Flintoff (capt), 7 Jamie Dalrymple, 8 Paul Nixon (wk), 9 Liam Plunkett, 10 Sajid Mahmood, 11 Monty Panesar.

Australia's to be named soon.
Ah great. Lets hope this is an exciting match. I tend to side with England whenever these two teams play. Thanks for the updates Sean.
If England win today, it will be the first time they have won a trophy in Australia for 20 years!
Australian Team: Australia Adam Gilchrist (wk), Matthew Hayden, Ricky Ponting (capt), Michael Clarke, Brad Hodge, Michael Hussey, Shane Watson, Brad Hogg, Brett Lee, Nathan Bracken, Glenn McGrath.

England have won the toss and elected to bat.
They've made a mistake in playing Watto. :12: If we want to trial him, trial him in 2 weeks time, in the CH series. Not in the middle of a finals series. :20:
We should play MJ. (It would probably be Clark but he is in the middle of a Pura Cup Match.)
The weather map is also updating itself.
The rain is going to the east for those that would like to know.
Loye trying to slog sweep a 147.7 kn/h delivery for six. He got hit in the shoulder.
0/2 after 1 over.
I'll bump the Webcam's up at the start of each page so everyone doesnt have to go to the first page to see it.
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Bloody hell. One day, Loye will get badly injured playing the slog sweep off 150+ deliveries.
Ahh a great comment from my talking Boony. (Something along these lines)
Beefy - How many hundred meat pies do you eat a day Boony?
Boony - I eat them, atleast I dont bowl them.

Pigeon coming on to bowl in his last game at his favorite ground, the SCG.
The SCG looks quite full as Joyce pulls Bracken through midwicket for 4. He rolled his wrists and got over the top of the ball. Great shot.
I think there will be 40,000 there by the end of the night.
WHAT A CATCH! Brad Hodge! Just like against England at the SCG last time. Pigeon the bowler, just like last time. But Joyce is the batsmen. Joyce tries to pull and doesnt get onto it. Hodge dives to his left and takes a great 2 handed catch. Joyce goes for 15.
How about, giving one of them a slower ball off cutter, to try and get them inbetween bat and pad. :)
Chance at the bowlers end, but Hogg misses. Bell would've been gone.
Whats the update on Symonds injury?Is he going to be available at the start of the WC?
mooz said:
Whats the update on Symonds injury?Is he going to be available at the start of the WC?
I have heard that the ICC have allowed him to be replaced in the WC squad if he isnt fit in time.
lol Eng has a better record at SCG... They have won more matches here against Aus
Sharjah has had the most games played at that venue - 198
SCG is in 2nd position, having 125 ODI games played there.
The MCG has had 123.

It looks a bit cloudy above the SCG.
According to the radar, we will be getting some rain soon. It shows that there is rain not so far from the ground. The ground is where it says Sydney on the radar.
Risky shot there from Loye. He tries to slog sweep and gets it just over the head of the man at midwicket. 4 runs

Next ball is...... pulled for four by Loye!
1/68 after 14.
We will have a long rain delay sometime today.
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Players go off due to rain.
it wont be long. We will be back on soon. It will be a short and sharp shower.
Sean said:
According to the radar, we will be getting some rain soon. It shows that there is rain not so far from the ground. The ground is where it says Sydney on the radar.
Was I right or was I right?
Channel 9 showing Adam Gilchrist's '2nd Fastest Century' before play resumes. Love it!
Players are back on the field. A minute or 2 until the start of play.
kablooee87 said:
right about that too? :p

I kid.
I reckon we will. There is lots of rain out in this ocean on the radar.
I can see that coming over here and ruining the day.
Zoomed in

Zoomed out
Ground Cam

Scoreboard Cam.

16 overs
Players coming off. This game is going to be ruined because of the weather.
The last final here against England was in 02/03.
They were bowled out for 117 in 41 overs.
Australia knocked off those runs in 12.2 overs!
Bichel took 4 wickets in that match, and Lee took 3.
Warne took 1 wicket in his final ODI match at the SCG.

Gilchrist made 69 off 37 balls.
Hayden made 45 in 37 balls.
GONE! GREAT RUN OUT BY HAYDEN! Loye gone first ball back from the break.
Loye goes for 45.
GONE!He is outta here! Bracken gets Strauss caught behind for 6.
Revised playing conditions
England's innings: Finishes at 6:35pm
Dinner Break: 6:35-7:15pm
Australia's innings: 7-15pm onwards
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Binga back into the attack.
First ball, he beats the outside edge.
I dont think the innings will be finished before 6:35pm.
It's now 5pm and only 24 overs have been bowled.
26 overs need to be bowled in 95 minutes.

Hussey is coming onto bowl. Wide first ball down leg side.
GONE! Hussey runs out Bell. Excellent run out!
He goes for 26.
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Flintoff edges Hogg through the slip cordon.
:O It's been given byes!
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Punter nearly takes Freddy's head off as he throws the ball back to Gilly.
Watson wouldnt be able to get reverse swing if his life depended on it.
40.2 overs

Flintoff slog sweeps Hussey through midwicket next ball.
Whenever Freddy leans over, the amount of sweat that comes out of his helmet is amazing.
Flintoff is gone! WHAT A CATCH! Oh my god!
He goes for 42.
43 overs gone.
I want to see the stop watch on that. I'd say it would be about .3 seconds.
If he didnt get his hands down to that, he would've lost his leg.
Reaction time is 0.44 seconds. It went at 120km/h back at him.
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