CLT20 2012:11th Oct: Trinidad & Tobago v Uva Next at New Wanderers Stadium.


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Oct 3, 2009
Game 1 for Today:

Qualifier 5, New Wanderers Stadium, Johannesburg
Trinidad & Tobago v Uva Next

13:30 GMT+0200 (17:00 IST), Thursday October 11th 2012​

Trinidad & Tobago squad
D Ramdin*†, S Badree, AB Barath, DM Bravo, K Cooper, RR Emrit, ST Gabriel, S Ganga, E Lewis, JN Mohammed, KYG Ottley, WKD Perkins, R Rampaul, LMP Simmons, ND Stewart

Uva Next squad
SHT Kandamby*, S Chanderpaul, RSSS de Zoysa†, Fawad Alam, CRD Fernando, WMC Jayampathi, CU Jayasinghe, AB McDonald, EMDY Munaweera, JDP Oram, S Prasanna, SMA Priyanjan, PBB Rajapaksa, SMSM Senanayake, Umar Gul
People are working and these are just qualifiers.

TBH, the tournament does seem very biased and useless. I am not saying this because SS is out. If this was an ICC organized tournament, with 2 local teams from each test playing country, it would be a classic tournament.

I mean, why do the SS have to play qualifier when the teams from SA, AUS and IND are automatic qualifiers? If their boards own the tournament, does it mean they should be play by their own unfair rules? Where is the sporting spirit? Nowhere.