cricket bat grip keeps wearing out


Tape Ball Regular
Dec 29, 2009
Hi I have this weird problem....

Every single time I buy a new cricket bat and I use it, the grip on the bat is superb... my gloves grip onto it and it prevents the bat from turning in my hand. But after say a month and about 10 innings, my bat starts turning in my hand! I don't know what it is... does the bat grip wear out? is it my gloves??? I doubt its the gloves, I buy a new pair every year and they seem fine!

does anyone have any suggestions in what to do? I'd rather not keep replacing a bat grip every 10 innings as that seems quite ridiculous.
that's grip for sure...... get some top notch grips and they'll last longer, may be 15 innings, lol
have u tried these ones?

Well when I was a colt I was sponsored by kookaburra so I always had kookaburra bats and their standard grips.. Right now I have a ca plus 12000 and it's standard grip that came on it!
CA standard pattern grips are very average quality. Sometimes when you bat with a CA bat with original new grip, it feels slippery. Whenever I get a new CA bat I immediately remove the original grip and put on better quality octopus or scale grip.
Also depends on the person using the bat if your gripping the bat very tightly or bat is twisting or turning, the grip will wear quickly.