Cricket bat suggest


Jul 11, 2012
salam alaikum brothers its about cricket. i need a suggest to buy which cricket bat my price range is 5000 pak rupee at max and looking for any brand or bat in pakistan cause im ordering a cricket bat from there my specs are
- light weight 2.7 to 2.8oz at max
-normal size edge where u can hit a six like 35mm etc,..
i play on a low bouncing picth so im looking for a profile of low to mid profile
please let me know thanks.... :D
try to go as higher grade of english willow as possible. (lots of good grade 2 bats out there)

AS brand have some well priced English willow bats.
see i cant decide cause my cousin is visting me to ireland inshallah so he is bring me a bat but im not sure which one i should get