Cricket equipment in UAE


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Aug 31, 2007
Hi Guys,

I will be in Dubai for 1 week and was wondering, what are some good place to buy cricket gear from?

How are prices and please suggest places that stock genuine cricket gear like bats, ball etc.

Im interested in buying a bat and some balls, so please suggest some places in either Dubai/Sharjah.

I have heard of AJ Sports which is in UAE and is very reliable and they have good sticks.

Apart from that I thin Butt Sports but not sure how reliable or good they are.
Just out of curiosity if you don't mind me asking what are you looking to buy? (Which bat)
AJ has a store in Dubai:


Po Box 5703
United Arab Emirates
Telephone: +971(4)3351192
Facsimile: +971(4)3351194
Cricket equipment prices are insane in Dubai/UAE.

I went to AJ Sports and CA Plus 12000 TRD was valued at AED 1350 which is equivalent to PKR 32000 whereas it costs PKR 21000 in Pakistan. I bought my CA Plus 5000 for PKR 6000 whereas it costs AED 650 which is equivalent to PKR 15000....

I won't recomend to buy cricket equipments from UAE and that's the exact reason why i am going to buy 12000 TRD from Pakistan.