Diary: Wannabe Cricketer (AKA Me!)


Tape Ball Star
Dec 4, 2010
Well i thought this would be a good night to start my diary of me, a wannabe cricketer trying to balance school (probs more important)and cricket.
The good news:
The team representing the district i will be playing for (in NSW Australia) has just been announced. I have been selected (yay!)and we will play against all the other districts in the city NSW area between November-February.
The Bad News:
Unfortunately this means that i will have to leave the current district i play within because i need to play club cricket for the district that i will represent. Even though i have only been with this team for a short while i really enjoyed my stay, the team enviroment (and vibe) was brilliant but playing at a higher level is more important and I will be given more opportunities to go further.
(inspired by Anakwalajinn)
I am a bowler that can bat, funny thing is i made the team for my batting, but it shuld be fine bowling a few balls should set that right
Had a net today batting and bowling was fine but I kept stuffing up balls on my legs or down leg, might just get someone to chuck balls at my legs
Just finnished training through the holidays seems like i've picked up the ability to swing the ball both ways! (inswing is still a little it inconsistant), due to winter coming and it getting dark at round 5;45pm looks like i will focus on fitness during the week and skills during weekends.

One thing i find uncomfortable it that i will be bowling on turf pitches, i find it anoying running into the tacky/sticky surface, are all pitches like this or was it a one off?
anything i can do with my spikes to get rid of this?
any tips for bowling on turf?