England v Australia | 2nd Test | Lords | 16-20 July 09

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Jan 30, 2005
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Match thread. Posting from my iPhone at the moment but wanted to start it!
Any update on Flintoff playing? Team gets a blow as they lose a 25 run batsman plus a difficult bowler. Can they go with 5 bowlers now if Flintoff is not playing? What a difference all-rounder makes
I will include Harmisson or Onions over one spinner and Adil Rashid over the other. Broad is a candidate to be dropped in case team is still going with 2 spinners but with Flintoff probably struggling (maybe injured by 3rd day) they will have to drop 2 spinner idea for the match. Use Pietersen and Collingwood for the offspins
They had 2 spinners on a spinning pitch and the whole team took 6 Aussie wickets.

Not going to pick 2 spinners at Lords, it is a quick pitch. I expect Harmison to play.

Broad should be dropped for Onions. Ashes is not a time to be carrying project players.
England have won the toss and elected to bat first

Onions in for Monty Panesar

Australia going with the same team as the 1st test
Intresting move not to pick harmison! I though broad should have been dropped!
Those teams in full:
England: AJ Strauss (captain), AN Cook, RS Bopara, KP Pietersen, PD
Collingwood, MJ Prior (wkt), A Flintoff, SCJ Broad, GP Swann, JM Anderson, G


Australia: RT Ponting (captain), PJ Hughes, SM Katich, MJ Clarke, MEK Hussey,

MJ North, BJ Haddin (wkt), MG Johnson, PM Siddle, NM Hauritz, BW Hilfenhaus.
Im not sure why england are so obsessed with Flintoff...yes he had one great series etc etc, but he did absolutely nothing with the bat or ball in the last game...and yet they still go for an injured flintoff rather than an in form harmison. Oh well...hope it works out for them!
Good speeds from the aussie bowlers so far however, the pitch itself doesnt have that much pace in it.
geez warney's extremely THICK aussie accent is very hard to get used to lol
Cook edges and narrowly wide of 3rd slip (gullyish position), ponting just not able to reach that one and it goes for 4
Johnson very poor with his line here, first bowls short and wide to strauss who reaches for it and gets it to the boundary, then fires one into his legs which strauss also duly clips to the fence for 4, England 33-0 good start for them
Mitchell Johnson is losing the plot.

Warney reckons he's a 'confidence bowler' - well much more of this and the aussies will effectively be an bowler down.
Johnson has been spraying the ball on the legs way too much and has paid the price going for many runs!

England going good 40 in 9.5 overs
Come on Aussie bowlers! They need some wickets here Espically the wicket of KP
There is absolutely nothing in this pitch...even the short ball just sits up asking to be hit, england should get a big score here. Anyway Johnson back into the attack after siddle gets just one over.

David Lloyd says that people were starting to queue big time all the way round lords from 3am in the morning!!
Cook looks in good touch, he has done well at Lord's in the past...and yea pitch looks really crappy
nice and sunny at the moment and lords changes completely when its overcast...
Johnson really is bowling a load of tosh here, Nasser Hussain just highlighted fundamental flaws in johnsons action and seam position, straight after that strauss smashes him for two boundaries in a row!

Australia are effectively one bowler short then after all
MJ is performing Brett Lee's role perfectly.

You could say we are actually 3 bowlers short if MJ is losing one. There is no swing for Hilf which makes him a different bowler and we still have Horrorwitz. The great Peter Siddle FTW!
Another mitchell johnson over another boundary...getting all too familiar this
unlucky for siddle, bowls a good one that straightens into the batsman narrowly misses the offstump and takes haddin by surprise too! 4 byes...big lbw appeal the next ball...siddle bowling well actually at least its a good honest effort, along with hilfenhaus.

Hauritz coming in now
I wasnt even watching it for a bit as last it was Strauss who was scoring quick at around SR of 88 so thought he'll be approaching his 50 but it ends up being Cook moving quickly ahead!
more worryingly though....warney moves into the commentary box....lol
Poor effort from our bowlers so far - MJ in particular has been awful.

Hilf decent but there is no swing for him and I am not convinced he has much in his bag except an outswinger and a bouncer at this stage.

But it is a young attack, they will have bad sessions.
shocking ball from siddle...short and wayyy wide down the legside, well out of the keepers reach and 4 byes there. Ponting sits on his haunches in disgust
and thats the 100 up for england, they are going at a RR of well over 4 an over...well done england so far.
Seems like England have taken more confidence out of the drawn first test.
Who was that sitting next to Adam Gilchrist in the crowd? It looked alot like Shaukat Aziz? But it can't be!
what a pull shot from cook, lara-esque in a way and smacked for 4
England doing it easy here, 7 runs from that siddle over 108/0
Another 8 runs from the next over...so england have scored 24 runs of the last 3 overs here!! Quite shocking from australia

England 125/0
Thats lunch england close that session on 126/0...brilliant session for them...extremely ordinary stuff form australia.
Sheikh_Ji said:
Who was that sitting next to Adam Gilchrist in the crowd? It looked alot like Shaukat Aziz? But it can't be!

It was Shaukat Aziz :D
The English batted, bowled and fielded completely bellow par in the first test while the Aussies played their best max cricket. England had to improve their game to take the Aussies head on. This should be a competitive series b/w two equally matched teams.
Well England pounding the Aussies - and Hauritz has dislocated his spinning finger! OUCH (And grotesque to look at!)
Oxy said:
Well England pounding the Aussies - and Hauritz has dislocated his spinning finger! OUCH (And grotesque to look at!)

Shouldn't make much of a difference then - he'll be back in 5 mins :)
so australias main spin option is out of the attack for the time being as well...theyre in a bit of a pickle here.
Australia have bowled better in this session, however england just using that brilliant platform they have now and playing solid cricket to consolidate things. 159/0
Just logged on - getting pounded eh. Hopefully we can do the same when it's our turn to bat.
England pounding the Aussie bowling at moment.
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