England v India | 3rd ODI | Edgbaston | [27/8/07]


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Aug 28, 2005
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Realized there was no thread so decided to create one. India won the toss and inserted England in.

Cook and Prior are batting together still and the score is:

71/0 (13)

Freddie isn't playing, Zaheer is.
Prior gone, playing a woeful shot.. just hit it straight up and Chawla took a good catch.

Gone for 34, 76/1..
Cook out for 40 92/2
AN Cook c Yuvraj Singh b Powar 40 (56b 4x4 0x6) SR: 71.42

A good start followed by two quick wickets just like last match
This is a really interesting passage of play, both spinners bowling and Pietersen is struggling a bit. Should be great to watch.
Pietersen beaten by the wrong un again and stumped by Dhoni. Great bowling from Chawla, this is just a fantastic passage of play..

Pietersen gone for 9, 118/3..
Chawla's fantastic.

And Ian Chappell is extremely annoying. Rambling on about one thing for ages.
30.4 Yuvraj to Collingwood,rapped on the pads and a big big appeal, turned down,

this is a poor decision by umpire Benson, that looked plumb
163/3 off 34 overs. Disappointed the run rate just plummeted but we are in a steady position.
With two good players of spin to come, England are in a reasonably good position..
185/3 off 37 overs. England finding the gaps and the singles easily. Could be a score just under 300 if these 2 keep going.
Collingwood plays that reverse sweep again and this time it lobs up to the short 3rd man. Poor dismissal and it doesn't look nice every time you see it

193/4, Collingwood out for 44
Dhoni fluffs a stumping to get Shah. Pushed through from Yuvraj, Shah beaten all ends up down the ground but Dhoni couldnt gather it cleanly.
Yuvraj bowls Owais Shah and doesn't Yuvraj love it. Shah backing away to the legside and leg stump is nearly uprooted. Ugly looking mow shot.

Bell goes downtown again and it's over the rope. He's such a beautiful player of spin.
leading edge from Bopara and it's great captaincy from Dravid. Leaving a huge gap on the onside. Bopara trying to work it into that area gets a leading edge straight to short cover. Excellent cricket India.
"yet another failure for Bopara"

**** off, Cricinfo.

He's only has 2 innings in this series, 10 in his whole career!
Bell out now to a great catch by Karthik at extra cover. Didn't time it, trying to go over cover but Karthik didn't allow him to get away with it. Another fantastic innings by Bell though.

255/7 England
EFFING HELL! Tremlett has smashed RP Singh straight down the ground OUT OF THE GROUND!
New ball has to be taken, that was a huge hit.

272/7 off 49.1
Another good catch from Yuvraj. Broad with a big heave slices it to 3rd man and Yuvraj runs round and takes a good running catch.
Last ball hammered over cow corner for 4 by Tremlett. Excellent camio.

281/8 off 50 overs.
A slightly more organised effort would probably have led to another 20 or 30 runs on the board but still a pretty good effort. I hope Tremlett's bowling is a lot better this time round!
great batting from England! Hope we can take em out on the chase though!
Ganguly with 3 4's in 3 balls against Anderson - he is just SO good on the offside.

15/0 (3.4)
And now Ganguly pulls for 4.. Anderson has been punished. 16 runs of the over, Ganguly in full flow!

19/0 (4)
Ganguly cuts Broad for 4 more, lovely lovely batting.

24/0 (4.3)
Apart from that Anderson over the bowling has been good so far.

Shame we don't have much in reserve.
Karthik out ct off Board
Ind 36-2 after 10.5 overs
Dravid in
Eng was 56-0
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why is Naser Hussain mentioning Big Bats? He has mentioned it twice this innings already. Are Indians playing with bigger bats?
bostonthunder777 said:
You and me are here.. Not sure abt others.. You are talking abt Team India right???

No am talking about the guy who makes our team like chokers , so called best batsmen in the world !
Ind 40-2 after 13 overs - need 242 to win from 37
Tremlett replacing Andersen
Eng was 72-0
Collingwood continues to prove he can't count by bowling 21 year old Stuart Broad for an 8th over in a row. Broad gets hit for 12 and was clearly in need of a break even before the over began.

Crap captaincy.
And Tremlett continues from last ODI - 2 overs for 20 runs
Ind 77-2 after 16 overs
bostonthunder777 said:
These two are not allowing the bowlers to settle.

If they'd blocked all the tripe Tremlett's served up then I'd have been seriously worried for them.
7 runs off Panesar's 1st over
Ind 84-2 after 18 overs - need 198 to win from 32
Hmm they still need 6 an over, no idea what is going to happen here. Broad and Anderson both bowled very nicely in their first spells but the pressure must be maintained if we are to prove that we can still bowl sides out in one day cricket without Flintoff.
Bopara should be trusted with the ball more.
yes Powerplays are over
Ind 96-2 after 21.4 overs - need 186 to win
chakkka by Dravid off Colingwood followed by a four. Moves to 48. Ganguly on 48
Ind 113-2 after 24.4 overs
Waiit, how did this happen? They have 8 wickets in hand, but need 7 an over?

Must be some bowling by England?
Its always great to watch ganguly thrash bowlers around the park. Hes a awesome ODI batsmen and one of the best to ever play the shorterned version of the game.
Ganguly hits a four and next ball is out ct behind off Tremlett. Ganguly tried to cut and steer it to slips area but got out. he might also be thinking it is only Prior keeping
Ind 149-4 - need 133 from 109 balls
Dhoni in
Wow, another gone. Gangs is gone and Dhoni walks in with something special to do on his hands.

Wonderful stuff from Chris Tremlett.
Tremlett needs to do better than this.

I know he's still relatively new to international cricket but even so one would expect him to keep his economy rate below 6.00.
Bopara first ball cracked for 4 by Yuvraj. Yuvraj looking deadly at the moment.
Ind 168-4 after 34 overs. needs 114 to win from 96 balls @ 7.13 an over