England vs South Africa | 3rd ODI | The Oval | 29/08/2008


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Jun 1, 2001
England off to a flier. 78 for 0 from 10.3 overs
Wow, South africa being destroyed here! 99 for 0 in less than 15 overs.
Ntini to Patel, OUT,

SR Patel b Ntini 31 (33b 3x4 0x6) SR: 93.93
Flintoff 78* off 77 balls
Eng 296-7 after 50 overs
Eng last 3 overs 33 runs

On TMS radio during the break Michael Vaughan, possibly Ponting, Geoff Lawson and maybe Mushtaq Ahmed.
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Flintoff in this series:

Batting: Average 156, SR 106
Bowling: 5 wickets at 15
now talking to Lawson who is in Lahore. No time for Mushy interview
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Who is the Asian guy playing for Eng (not Shah)?
3rd Umpire's made a mistake - saw 1 angle, and gave it NOT OUT...2nd angle was OUT!
Justice done - though - Gibbs is gone immediately! Anderson edges to Sha of Jimmy

Harmi gets Amla out.

I don't think SA have much in the way of explosive power left. Should be England's match.
Bit of a no-show from South Africa in this series. Pleasing to see a dominant England though, always nice to see your team do well. SA have already taken the main prize from the tour, they came to win the tests rather than anything else, and I appreciate that this is just a bonus set of games for whichever team, as is so often the case. However to win the closing test and then the next series in this fashion is a hugely impressive and very surprising response. I am quite excited about the England side under Pietersen.
Patel is playing a blinder here - runs, wickets, catches, the lot.

Actually England are all playing really well....
Am shocked to see england hammering S.A here. England look full of life and ideas under KP. normally england are a average ODI side that plays good game here and there. S.A top order looks woeful at moment. looks like 3-0 and series over!
150 off 15 overs with 3 wickets and 0 batsmen.
Gonna be close.
12thMan said:

He's a batsman who bowls left-arm spin actually. I'm not trying to be argumentative or anything, I'm simply tired of people assuming he's a left-armer when he's actually a part-time bowler who has come good this season. His batting has been his forte with an average of over 50 last year and over 40 this year. He's not a bits and pieces player either, he's a batsman of some ability when he gets going. Lovely, elegant, wristy player.
^ i quite agree.I could say that from the way he played today.More of a batsman than a bowler in truth.England would do well not to rely on his bowling(however good his stats may be).This obviously doesn't apply when you're facing the Saffers fcourse. :raja
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I'm very impressed with the performance of England this series...

Very good teamwork.

And Flintoff has finally come to the party.