[EXCLUSIVE] "I would give Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan 5 matches to change their batting approach in T20Is": Rashid Latif

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Aug 12, 2023
Nobody dissects matters related to Pakistan cricket better than the former captain and wicketkeeper Rashid Latif and PakPassion is delighted to host him for an exclusive and detailed discussion on Pakistan's cricket affairs.

During this interview with Saj Sadiq, Latif spoke about Pakistan's horrific T20 World Cup campaign, the importance of domestic cricket, Babar Azam's biggest mistake, and much more.

The topics he discussed in this interview included:

PCB Chairman's 'surgery' statement: His thoughts on the controversial statement made by Mohsin Naqvi regarding jpw he wishes to address and fix the current dismal state of Pakistan cricket.

Wahab Riaz: Actual role and contributions to the team.

Issues in Pakistan Cricket: Major issues plaguing Pakistan cricket, with an in-depth analysis of the what brought us to the current situation.

The Difference Between Pakistan and India Cricket: A comparative analysis of the cricketing structures and cultures of Pakistan and India.

On Babar Azam’s Captaincy: Pakistan's top-rated batter's leadership style, his strengths, and areas where he can improve.

On Pakistan’s Batting in T20: Insights into the performance and strategies of Pakistan's batting lineup in T20 matches.

On Azam Khan: Azam Khan's potential and his future prospects in the national team.

On Shadab Khan: Shadab Khan's role and performance in the team.

Can the Pakistan Team Achieve Success? Potential for success of the current Pakistan team and what it would take to regain former glory.

Watch full interview here:

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Brilliant bit from Rashid about professionalism amongst Pakistan cricket stars/admins.

He's saying what I have also said before, there needs to be a cooling off period for coaches/players/admins of maybe six months before they are allowed to speak about their job in the Pakistan setup.

We have likes of Hafeez etc, one day in PCB, next day on TV talking about their job and dishing the dirt on others.

Rashid also seems to be suggesting a 'reverse' cooling off period as in someone sitting on TV criticizing PCB should not just walk off the TV set and sit in a PCB meeting room!
Some great insights from Rashid Latif.

Emphasizing the value of first-class cricket like everybody should. I hope PCB can watch this and understand that nothing can make a player better than playing domestic cricket, especially first class cricket.

Cricket will only value those who value it in return.
Rashid Latif was spot on regarding the captaincy change saga as PCB management did mistake upon mistake. First they coerced Babar to resign and then robbed Shaheen of his captaincy. And no wonder why Pakistan cricket team is stinking at the moment with very low morale
Finally some sense, though I think 5 matches is too kind.

Also, I agree on rewarding domestic performers, but it is interesting that when players who are not our favourites (Sharjeel) perform or represent the change needed, ‘doing well in domestic’ cricket is more like a fancy slogan with no real meat or authenticity or honesty behind it.
Player power runs Pakistan cricket.

Would the PCB have the guts to give players like Babar an ultimatum regarding their approach in T20Is? I highly doubt it and that's why we are lagging behind other teams.
An apple remains an apple and an orange remains an orange no matter what a farmer does.

Even the great Kohli only succeeds when he plays with his natural (careful) batting approach which we saw throughout the recent WC.

I would say this a millionth time. Pakistan’s problem is not batting approach of Babar & Rizwan. Pakistan’s problem is poor leadership, lack of discipline & unity, instability and of course lack of mentally strong players.
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I think Rashid Latif was nearly spot on out of all the figures who have spoken on the two recently.
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Fakhar Zaman & Mohd. Haris should open in T20Is. Only one of Babar or Rizwan should be part of T20I team.

Pakistan need aggressive batters in T20 side.

Bowling is okay but no more Shadab.