Faisalabad Wolves v Islamabad Leopards | Faysal Bank T20 | Lahore | 14/10/10

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Jun 27, 2003
Fasialabad Wolves won the toss - will bat 1st
Leopards vs the best kit of the tournament, should be an interesting match up.

On a serious note is this a virtual quarter final situation as well?

Faisalabad Wolves

Asif Hussain
Mohammad Hafeez
Ali Waqas
Naved Latif
Khurram Shehzad
+Mohammad Salman
Saeed Ajmal
Asad Ali
Samiullah Khan
Shahid Nazir
Hasan Mahmood
Mohammad Talha
Ahmed Hayat
Imran Khalid
Hasan Mahmood
Asif Ali
Zeeshan Butt

Islamabad Leopards

Raheel Majeed
Umair Khan
Zeeshan Mushtaq
Fayyaz Ahmed
Azhar Mahmood
+Naeem Anjum
Kamran Hussain
*Shoaib Akhtar
Imad Wasim
Iftikhar Anjum
Zohaib Ahmed
Sarmad Bhatti
Shah Laeeq
Shehzad Azam
Mohammad Kashif
Faizan Riaz
Fakhar Hussain
Rauf Akbar
I will be on Faisalabad's side in this one. Their kit is just too good to ignore. I am helpless.
need to see a magical spell from Shoaib today. Hopefully he can get rid of Hafeez early
I like both these teams but I'm supporting Islamabad!!

Akhtar takes Hafeez's wicket! Hafeez was the Wolves' matchwinner.

OUT!! another poor shot straight to the fielder 3 wickets in the over!!
What an over! What a bowler.

Get him in the Rams team!
3 wickets in first over and all of them fell to Shoaib!!! BRILLIANT! :D
Take it easy shoaib we need a game here just dont destroy poor wolves lol.
Hafeez is Shoaib's bunny, always gets out to him in domestics. :)))
crappy Hafeez goes for a duck. Why the hell do we have him instead of Imran Nazir for the T20. Haffeez is absolute Rank.
3-3 of 1 over

What the hell is happening?


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Azhar mehmood strays onto the batsmans legs and whipped away for FOUR!
I know I've called it a bit early, but game is over.

:akhtar :akhtar :akhtar :akhtar :akhtar
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