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Jun 1, 2001

1) Who is the better batsman: Sachin or Inzi?

Me… and then Lara … ok Sachin has proved to be a better batsman but Inzi hasn’t really done justice to himself until recently. As a Pakistani fan I would love to say Inzy and I know he was capable of being much better but Sachin has the better record. Inzy I think is much better under pressure and playing for the team especially when most needed.

2) Do you play cricket? If, so what do you do and who do you model yourself on?

I use to play a lot before and hope to start playing like before. I had idolised or imagined to be a few actually. Years ago as a teenager around the time Pakistan won the world cup I was so fanatical about Waqar Younis. I didn’t though model myself on him: I use to be first change or opening bowler, and seam the ball around. I use to think I was Aaqib Javed...lol and tried to copy his smooth action … I even tried copying him in the flick of the hair when walking back up again to bowl...even sticking the tongue out…lol

I also use to think I am Richie Richardson, Alec Stewart, and Javed Miandad (especially in winding up the other team)...and now I think I am Inzy...lol

3) What would you prefer to see: a Pakistan win or a Shoaib 5 wicket haul/ Afridi century?

Both, but if I had to choose one then it would definitely be Afridi as he just completely annihilates the opposition. Towering sixers, fours, chances, unpredictability and complete carnage...ball flies at the speed of light. What could be more exciting?

4) Who is the real Fessel? What are you really like in your "real" life? How much importance does cricket have in your life outside PP? Is AJ a good cook or is he making it up?

I think I am as close to I am on pp. People describe me as being too simple and straight forward but I would disagree as nobody in this world can be that. I am quite a family man who enjoys socialising with friends, family and especially love giving time to kids. I have become a little reserve over the years due to experiences but the younger fun loving me is coming out again slowly.

Cricket plays a huge role in my life as it’s something I enjoy and look forward to. If it wasn’t for cricket I wouldn’t have joined pp or even be on the internet.

I haven’t met Amjid in real life but I am sure if he says he must bea good cook because AJ to me talks the truth all the time. He lets both his heart and head do the talking…blunt and straight forward like Boycs.

5) Your thoughts on Ramiz, the commentator

Ramiz is made a bit of a villain by most ppers with the constant criticism. He does deserve some of the criticism for sucking up to non Pak commentators but people tend to overlook his good side completely. Being a poor commentator doesn’t mean he’s a poor personality. I think his commentary is ok and not as bad as people exaggerate it to be. As a person well I don’t know him personally but my Urdu teacher who is a family friend says he’s a very straight forward guy…a good guy.

6) Your thoughts on the Pakistan political setup

I am not a fan of Pakistani politics. I haven’t studied the politics of other countries really but Pakistani politic sucks big time. I haven’t really seen a successful Pakistani government. If the political set up was that good then it would automatically reduce corruption and things like military takeovers wouldn’t happen. The thing with politics in Pakistan is it all seems to be about personal gains and less for the country.

It’s really disgraceful that politicians can’t even unite in times of national crisis and needs for unity. The earthquake tragedy is an example where parties like the mma are playing politics rather than work together with the government to help people.

7) How do you see the Kashmir issue being resolved?

There is no simple way for the Kashmir issue to be resolved. It’s very difficult when India is not willing to give and inch (neither is Pakistan but at least it says it’s flexible and wants the interest of Kashmiri’s first).

The best way for the issue to be resolved is through constant regular dialogue and trust between all the main players. Other initiatives like sporting ties, joint projects, trade etc will also help improve the trust between India and Pakistan.

8) What’s better watching an Afridi six sail out of the stadium or an Akhtar Yorker uprooting middle stump?

Afridi 6…it’s so powerful and exciting to watch and you are likely to get a lot of them.

9) You favourite all time cricketer and why?

I haven’t got one but joint in Imran Khan and Javed Miandad. Imran put Pakistan cricket on the map; he was just an amazing captain who held the Pakistani dressing room for years. He was so dominant and respected by all the players. Imran had it all, best modern all rounder, pioneer of reverse swing, great mentor adding to his mingling in high society.

Javed Miandad in 2 words: street fighter. Apart from being probably Pak’s greatest batsman ever he had also one of the best cricket brains ever. I just liked the attitude and bubbly way he played his cricket. He was a great tactician looking around at the field where to play the next ball, good psychology in winding up the opposition with some banter and always saying something.

For me these 2 were the most patriotic ever Pakistani cricketers I have ever seen and helped put Pak cricket on the map.

10) The greatest fast bowler in your opinion and why?

The greatest fast bowler for me though will have to Malcolm Marshall and Wasim Akram.

Wasim had all the tricks and variations as a fast left arm bowler such as moving the ball both ways, the deadly inswinging Yorker, and the fact that he only needed a small run up. Amazing.

11) Will there anyone more aggressive than Afridi?

There will always ever be one Shahid Afridi. Pieterson is good but the excitement and entertainment can not match the Pathan.

12) If you ever were to have a fight with someone, would you make the first move or would you let him make the first move?

I am proud to say I have hardly had a fight with anyone apart from self defence when needed. I would make the first move if I had to have a fight. It’s best to strike early blows and be on top rather than making comebacks like Pak team in levelling a series.

In reality I would probably not make the first move.

I have bashed up my elder brother many times during childhood days but that’s different ;) With my bro I would make the first move as it was so fun bashing him up…lol but I use to get bashed up harder when he reacted.

13) When did you start following Pakistani cricket?

It was back in 1987 when Pakistan toured England and there use to be a few people coming to my house really getting excited and carried away by something. There was trouble at one of the odi’s with fighting between Pak and England spectators...both captains made announcements for calm.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about and just got hooked from there. It was just brilliant watching Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram and the wizard Abdul Qadir. I will never forget that 260 by Javed, the Qadir spell and the Imran wickets at Leeds where we won.

14) Would the Pakistani team finally shed their unpredictable team tag?

I really hope they do but if they did they wouldn’t be Pakistan. If Bob Woolmer’s professionalism rubs deep into Pakistan cricket culture then maybe they can.

It will take more than one coach to change Pak cricket for the better in making it more professional and reliable. The PCB have tried new initiatives in the last few years but a lot more needs to be done right from grass roots, structure and organisation of the first class game, coaching and more.

15) Keeping PP in perspective, and your impending rise to power ;), is the internet really the best thing since sliced bread?

No I still prefer sliced bread with omelette honey or a jam (like waqar would say). It’s Axcallant the internet with all the resources and things you can view for leisure and pleasure…lol but really as long as people don’t go over the top and there are controls.
Regarding pp well it’s great to get to hear the views from other cricket fans especially Pak fans…and also great to get to interact and get to know people from all over the world.

If I have risen to power then I must make use of it and make the mods life difficult ;)

16) If u could be captain for the day what would u change in the pak side?

There’s not a lot you can change in one day but I would try to get them to be more ruthless like the Aussies. I would remind them also that they are the best in Pakistan that’s why they are selected but they shouldn’t take there place for granted. I would emphasis the need to be more professional and to work on fitness, fielding, catching, and running between the wickets.

17) What’s your favourite Mohammed Rafi song?

Chaudvi Ka Chand which is also Imran Khan’s favourite all time song.

18) Do you feel this Pakistani side could go all the way in the 2007 world cup?

19) Do you think Pakistan can sustain this form in odis for the WC?

A lot could happen from now to the world cup as it’s about a year away. If this team stays together, plays for each other, keep fit and performing consistently then they surely have a chance. Winning the world cup also depends on luck in the tournament and peaking at the right time.

20) Who is the best batsman you've ever seen play?

Vivian Richards. All he needed was a bat in his hand and he could take any bowler, any attack apart. He would just dominate so much and his confidence and ability was amazing. Viv could control a game on his own and the man was so powerful.

21) If you could kill any MOD, who would it be?

Saj because then I could pretend to be him and take over and be pp king...haha

22) If you were a Pakistani selector what would your best Pakistan XI be?


Salman Butt
Imran Farhat/Shoaib Malik
Younis Khan
Mohammad Yousuf
Shahid Afridi
Kamran Akmal
Rana Naveed
Shoaib Akhtar
Umar Gul
Danish Kaneria

ODI’s: same with Imran Farhat out and Kamran Akmal opening. Shoaib Malik will be down the order and Abdul Razzaq in with Gul and Kaneria competing got one place.

23) If you could be any cricketer who would you be and why?

Shahid Afridi because I would love to entertain people and be able to hit such powerful 6s…and make bowling attacks wet themselves. I also hate running between the wickets and fielding. At least as Afridi I would make full use of the boundaries.

24) Do you like seeing a long classy innings (inzi's 329 for e.g.) or a quick fire hundred (like afridi's) more?

It depends on the match situation. For entertainment I prefer Afridi’s without a doubt and we need more innings like that to force the pace into a dominant position.

However, I still think we need more long classy innings which not only holds our batting putting us in a strong position but it’s less risk free. A classy innings also makes you admire the skills of the batsman.

25) If you could have dinner with 2 ppers, who would they be and why?

I would prefer ppers who talk more and eat less so that I could eat more.

Peridot a new pper I know from another cicket site would be the first. Not only would I have dinner with her but I would share in same plate with this hot Peshawari gal ;)
Mulan would be the other because we both like strawberries and cream ;)

From the lads then it would be:

Migsy because it would be nice to give time to senior citizens and to learn from there wisdom…… and entra because he has really good sense of humour which would make an interesting dinner.

26) Who do you think should captain Pakistan and why?

Inzamam-ul-Haq is the right captain. He may not seem proactive and not the best captain but he is the best man for the job right now. Since he has been captain he has mostly lead from the front and works well with the coach. He commands respect from all the players and is learning.

People remember Wasim Akram being a very good captain who he was, but he was actually awful when he first got the captaincy. He learned over time and made huge improvements. Inzy is already showing signs of improvement and could become one of Pakistan’s best.

27) Who did u prefer out of Javed Miandad and Imran Khan?

I can not really answer this because I find it almost impossible to separate the two. Both are my favourite all time Pak players with Waqar being third. If I had to choose between the 2 then Javed would pip Imran because I found him more entertaining with his cheeky style and never say die attitude. Also, because I am biased in his favour as I see him one of the most misunderstood cricketers.

28) What did u make of the treatment that Javed Miandad got when he was coach?

I think Javed did a reasonably well job because if everyone remembers the first time he was coach and Akram was captain the team made a lot of progress and did well. (Before 1999 world cup).

Under Javed we also beat South Africa and the new team after the 2003 world cup progressed quite well. He may have poor man management skills but I think it’s hugely exaggerated because some people just personally don’t like him and look for his faults more. He seems to get noticed more when he says negative things but similary if it was Imran people don’t get so wound up. I think Javed has been made a scapegoat and treated appallingly as he was in his final years as a player. Losing one series versus India by one match surely can’t make him a bad coach alone?

29) Who is your favourite actress? (Bolly/Holly/Lollywood)

Rani Mukherjee’s acting is so deep,
Holly – Angelina Jolie cause she’s hot and a good actress
Noor – ditto

30) Which your favourite movie (and don’t say MBBS!)

Comedy and Horror most enjoy.

I love to laugh and laugh loud and like most comedy. Nothing to lose, ace Ventura, dumb and dumber lol so many more others I can’t name. Even the Indian movies like Muna Bhai MBBS, Ek aur Ek Ghyara, Baap Numbri etc made me laugh so much.

Horror and thriller: nice to get a chill down me. Blair witch project and exorcist really frightened me.

31) If you had one chance - which actress would you date?

Aishwariya Rai because she reminds me of my first love who I think is just like her. Especially how Aishwariya was in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. The tall figure, long hair, gauri skin and the chaal reminds me of S****.

32) Which cricketers have you met and which one did you respect most?

I have met Ramiz Raja, Wasim Akram, and Mushtaq Mohammad and was fortunate to get most of the 1992 team’s autograph that toured England. The likes of Javed, Waqar, Aaqib, Moin, Rashid, Naveed Anjum, Zahid Fazal to name a few. I respect them all as they have represented the country but mostly Javed.

33) What’s your favourite innings by your idol Javed Miandad?

The Sharjah innings v India where he hit the last ball for 6. Javed just kept on going in a match Pakistan were ‘losing’, and just pulled off that magic to shatter Indian’s for ever. The innings was nicely paced.

The 260 v England out of the 704 first innings total at the Oval in 1987 Test. This was one of Miandad’s finest test innings. The English were like: when is Imran going to declare because they were so frustrated.

34) Who is your favourite all-time Pakistani bowler?

Waqar Younis I would love to say because he was the most devastating and my favourite. He could clean up the tail in minutes and bowled that fast inswinging Yorker at will...and nobody has ever done it at will like he has. It was so exciting growing up watching him shatter stumps and sprint into bowl and he had and probably still has the best strike rate since ww2.

35) You’re a well educated young man, what do you hope to achieve in next few years from a personal point of view?

I know I have got on in life a bit but I think I could use the runs I have stacked up over the years to fulfil my personal ambitions.

Inshallah I will become a fully qualified accountant and help the community. I hope to get married to someone I can spend the rest of my life with and who will be my friend. She can also help me build up a cricket team including 12th man...lol just joking. I wish to be able to serve my mother and give my children a good upbringing (if and when I have them).

I wish to be able to be successful in work and earn a lot so that I can help others. My desire is to help the needy and less well off by personal involvement and really doing something for them. It saddens me to see how people in the world struggle for basic necessities. I would love to help the poor back in Pakistan, Kashmir and the Muslim world in particular.

36) Who is your favourite poster on PP?

Many really. I like z10’s posting style and intelligence, entra’s sense of humour, suhaib’s informative posts and Muddassers insight into the Pakistani domestic scene and upcoming Pak players. Amjid is one of my favourite poster because he has many similar views to me and especially that he is blunt like Geoffrey Boycott and tells you as he sees it.

37) If you had the chance to go to for a meal with a Pak cricketer, who would it be and why?

It would be interesting to go with inzy and see who scores the longest innings at the table. I would really like to go with Inzy because he seems to be the humble type of guy who I could learn a lot and share a few jokes with.

I wouldn’t want to go with imran khan as it would be too daunting but Javed would be like Entra… a laugh and who I could talk about anything, laugh and joke with.

38) Where does your strength come from in times of adversity?

When I see people in the world suffering really bad I see myself as very fortunate and lucky. This has bought me a never say die attitude and ultimately my family, friends and Allah SWT are my strengths.

39) What age did you realise you had a great memory?

I think I have a good memory and so I have been told. I can’t remember what age I realised but somewhere in my teens.

40) Fessal, eve considered applying for a job @ the BBC due to youre vast knowledge of Documentary topics?

Haha Amjid I know what you’re talking about here. I wouldn’t apply for the BBC because I know they can’t afford me. I rather open my own TV channel and make you head of programming. How about that?

41) Favourite NON cricket related sporting moment(s)

Frank Bruno winning the world boxing title. It was just great to see him win because he had really tried for years and deserved it.

My favourite moment is though the 1998 first round world snooker match between Jimmy White and Stephen Hendry. I was studying at Hallam for a year and was lucky to get a ticket for the match at the crucible in Sheffield. The atmosphere was amazing because Jimmy hammered Hendry 10-1 after all those years of losing in the final. The crowd was wildly excited cheering for Jimmy...99% of them.

42) Most admired sportsman through the ages (and why)

Mohammad Ali – He fought for what he believed… a very brave man who had courage and never gave up.
Imran Khan because of his determination in achieving his goal of winning the world cup.

43) Do you post on any other cricketing forums-or just Pakpassion .net

I use to be a regular on Channel 4 cricket forum with the user name: ‘Truth’. I first saw/met Merc, Farhad, Muddasser, Peridot and a few others on there. I think it was them posting on PP and Merc who then invited me because of Cornered Tigers that I joined and discovered PP. I have been hooked on pp ever since.

44) What do you prefer -Test or ODIs

I like to see as much live cricket as possible and I think Test cricket is the real quality cricket but I do like pyjama cricket as well.

45) Are you Waqar or Wasim fan? (Or other!) [Only pick ONE!]
Waqar Younis... (Leaving his commentating aside for a moment) because Waqar was a JAM of a bowler. I have never seen a more devastating faster bowler than him. He could just bowl them killer inswinging Yorkers at will and sweep away the tail. Axcallant…

Wasim was a better bowl over a career.

46) How do you feel PakPassion is different from other forums looks and design wise?

I think the design and look makes us Pak fans feel at home. It’s very well thought out and credit to the designers. It’s really simple to follow for a computer dummy like me. What I like about PP than other forums is that the staff are regularly reviewing and trying to make it even better.

47) On a seaming track in the middle of a tricky run chase with time running out and your team in some trouble after the last two batsmen have been out caught in the slips attempting flashy strokes ... if you receive what seems to be a juicy half-volley wide of off-stump, would you go for the drive? Explain your actions, please.

I would go with my instinct which is hitting it out of the park. It's all about confidence and there’s nothing to worry about as I have a bat in my hand. If it pays off fine otherwise I will be like the rest.

48) What’s the difference between PP and C4??

Channel 4 is good because it represents cricket fans from all the major test playing nations. You can get to know other cricket fans views on your team as well.

With PP you can mingle and get to know a lot more fellow Pak fans, what there views. It’s much much informative and better for getting to know Pakistan cricket more. If it wasn’t for PP I wouldn’t know much about Pak domestic cricket.

PP is more in touch with its members because we have a whole team of staff whereas channel 4 has one editor who is hardly there and never mingles with the forummers.

49) How do you manage to remain cool n composed when some poster is getting on your nerves??

I try to stick to the point, be polite to them and smile…lol. Also, I try to listen to the other person as after all they could be right and I could be wrong. I try hard not to lose my cool and can only think of one occasion on pp.

50) How have you become a powerful guy on this board?? Or rather how have the majority of C4 posters become powerful on this board??

Well Farhad I think his personality, he’s seems quite a bubbly fun person who knows how to really put his views across.
Merc we know loves his stats and his consistent quality posts.
Muddasser is just a quality poster who everyone has to like with his great insight into Pak cricket.

I don’t think I have become powerful but just try to stay calm and get my point across.

Above all it’s just posting regular quality posts…and I am sure if you stick with me Peridot u too can become powerful ;)

51) What is Pak cricket for u...in 5 words?

Exciting...Thrilling...Unpredictable…Enjoyable and Entertaining.

52) Will Pak draw or win the up coming series??

Whoever asked this question deserves migsy phanti’s…because Pak will do neither…We will ofcourse win 8-0: 3-0 Tests and 5-0 ODI’s…ok I know that’s being too optimistic but you have to have faith in the boys and the Almighty. Realistically though 2-1 to Pak and 3-2 in ODI’s.

53) Are you this cool and collected (and soft spoken) in real life??

That’s what I have been told...and it’s how I sounded on the phone when I spoke to Farhad once when he was in the UK.
I can tell you though a person who is cool and collected usually loses his cool big time once in a blue moon. I mean whenever they do get angry then they get angry big time and don’t look back. That’s the same with me but it’s very rare.

54) If you could ask 2 PPers to fight to the death, who would they be?

Farhad because he is like a warrior who never gives up in battle and above all puts his arguments well. He’s a winner.

Z10 because he is just cool and collected and would fight to the death with proper thought out points.

Amjid because I agree with a lot of his posts and he would definitely score a long innings and win.

55) Fessal...deep down, I sense that there is wicked sense of humour in there...I detect it every now and then, so I guess you are 'holding back...I am sure you want to really crack a few jokes (those referrals to a certain LFC song in 1986 etc)....am I right???

I hold my self back as I have become a more serious person because of events in life. I try to take into account other peoples feelings, but I can laugh when I want to and you are right that I want to laugh more. I think as I settle down more in life then the sense of humour which was the real me in my teen and early years will flood out again.

56) Fessal bhai-please pontificate on the purpose of dreams

A dream is the process of the brains neuro chemical neurons which release at random levels which make one sense he is dreaming...
………….dreams have no purpose, unless you look at it from the Freud school of thought which looks at the matter from an entirely different point of view…..

….such as me dreaming being with Aishwariya, Sonali, Angelina Jo or eating a large Pizza with Inzy watching are probably dreams trying to tell me how fortunate I will be...

….when I dream of a giant rabbit like Donnie darko then I don’t think that means much.
Very enjoyable interview. Great Work!!!!
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A very foyyyyne interview!! Nice read!
Thank you everyone for liking and reading such a painfully long interview. I also like to thank PP staff (especially Oxy) for giving me the opportunity and thank you all for your questions and kind comments. It really means a lot to me and I am touched.
Brilliant interview Fessal!

Nice to get to know you a little better.