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Jan 10, 2011

I was just on the GM website when I came across a new feature on it. It's called GM Bat Selector, and basically it's just a questionnaire on what position you play, the type of pitches you play on, your budget etc.

I gave it a go and it reccomended Luna 606-808 for me.

So why not give it a go and share what they reccomend for you.

Here is the link:
It's a good idea but I dislike the bandying together of all square of the wicket shots. I'm strong on the pull and glance, but struggle with cuts.
Well when I put my strongest shot as driving on the up in regards to my driving ability, I was recommended the Apex, whereas when I put it as the back foot square of the wicket shot (the pull is naturally my best shot), I ended up with the Flare.
I tried the GM bat selector and they have recommended me same favourite bat I've already have GM Icon 808-606.
I'd say its a small word to desrcibe Apex's thought in my mind.

I know why you are saying it but he is seriously a class player and he shouldn't use Apex. Okay if he likes Apex but just use Icon/Flae/Luna stickers :D
Luna DXM™
Ahhh it is like in Harry Potter, bat choosing the batsman :D