Gray Nicolls Question


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Apr 12, 2011
Hi Guys,

A friend of mine is getting a couple of good deals on the following two Gray Nicolls models:

Has anyone ever used them? Any reviews? He is looking to get either a 5 star or a carbo model. I have never used them myself so could not help him with any suggestions. Sorry for the clutter my friends, but I just needed to start a new thread to get some fast replies.

I have seen Lazer but it was 3 years ago, so don't remember much about it. If I remember correctly it had scoops with no bow. So feel was alright, won't rate this bat highly though.
I think he is getting good deals just because these are not the new models. I recommended a Powerbow anything to him. Anyway, thanks guys.
Powerbow is very good in fact I'd say it is the best GN bat but that's only for me! I will recommend Powerbow over any GN bat anyday!

QS Bhai yes they are old model.
I remember GN used to have Longbow as well but never actually held one in my hand. Anyone here used a GN Longbow?
These are models from liek 2005. Hayden used the Phoenix during the Ashes that year.
I remember GN used to have Longbow as well but never actually held one in my hand. Anyone here used a GN Longbow?

I held it and some what remember it, no bow and no concaving.

If you see past Gray Nicolls bat models you will notice they don't have much of concaving.
The Excalibur, now there was a bat from when Gray Nicolls ruled the roost.


One thing I must say Gray Nicolls sticker are same from day 1 the style of them always have been same.
While I'm aware that the logo with the handle coming from the name, the red rectangle didn't appear until the seventies, and were joined by the two chequered bands in the nineties.
Alright, since we are dealing with GN--I will shoot another question:

What is the difference between a GN 4 star bat and a GN 500 4 star bat? I have seen this in a few shops. TIA.
Yes, emailed a batmaker but never got a response form him, I think they won't able to make it hence he didn't reply.
Oblivion is very good, I rate it very high.

My local store has Gray Nicolls bats are unbelieveable price!!
The one at my local store has an Oblivion 4 star for £130 which I think is reasonable. The grains are good aswell.