HBL vs Candyland | Corporate T20 Cup | Moin Khan Academy | 15/8/11 | Gul,Kaneria etc!

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1. Zahid Mahmood [highly rated legspinner]
2. Awais Zia
3. Misbah Khan [another good spinner]
4. Yasir Hameed
5. Jahid Ali
6. Afsar Nawaz
7. Atif Maqbool
8. Nooruddin
9. Khalid Mehmood
10. Saad Ali
11. Noor Mohammad


1. Hasan Raza
2. Umar Gul
3. Danish Kaneria
4. Ahmed Shehzad
5. Farhan Iqbal
6. Owais
7. Khaqan Arsal
8. Salman Qadir
9. Sajid Shah
10. Noor-ul-Amin
11. Adnan Baig
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OMG what is Rawalpindi Rams opener Awais Zia is doing in Candylands team PCF can you confirm He is opening at the moment :rr
^^^^ Mark my words if general Zia clicks HBL goodbye for tonight :rr
2 consecitive sixes to gul HAhahahaa i v already said lolzzzzzzzz
lolzzz General Zia lbw I fink decision was fishy any how
Yasir hameed made that spinner look good.he was plumb lbw the ball before his dismissal
:danish was in Lahore in the afternoon for his hearing... came back in the evening to play this match.
Umar Gul gets slogged in every game now. Time to retire. :ahmed
Yasir Hameed got out to a chucker, looking at the replay.
Has Younis gone to a national camp or something?
:facepalm: Dropped catch. Looks like Kaneria's misery continues even when Kamran isn't present :danish
These batsmen are afraid to use their feet. Some of these balls from Danish are seriously overpitched and should be getting put away, instead they're trying to play from the crease.

Why were they doing that interview in English.. this isn't India. :facepalm:
Use your feet you tools.. no wonder Pakistan can't play spin. :facepalm: :shahzaib
LOL, Gul knew it wasn't out.. just joined in. Not the month for that. :moyo
Motu has come to the crease :))

We thought Shahzaib was fat but this guy is something else :shahzaib
Sikander Bakht tells it like it is. :boycott

These chuckers are wasting spaces in domestic cricket.
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