help me with tips


Sep 24, 2012
hello my name is raza and i live bcn. i love cricket
today is my first match of u19 league here in bcn so i needed some tips regarding how to face the new ball, how not to be scary and how to play some attacking shots.
i need some help about bowling good line and lenght and how to bowl much faster.
or any other good tip will be nice
thanks very much
Just watch some videos of Sir Farhat and Sohail Tanvir :48:
it depends on the quality of bowlers you are facing. In seaming conditions the best way to play the new ball is from the non striker's end. So just take a single and get off strike.
Also if its outside off stump, the best way to defend it is by leaving it especially in the longer version of the game .you can also stand outside the crease to negate any swing.
in a very easy way.
for batting.
play in line of the ball as much as when the ball is new. play only those shorts where your are perfect.

for bowling

1. good line, length and good run up is a base of the bowler, like good foundation of the big building.

2. you should know how to swing the ball to be a top bowler. and you need very very hard work for that, by writing can not be explain how to swing the ball, you will find thousand of YouTube clip how to swing the ball. to swing cricket ball&sm=1