How to become first class cricketer for Pakistan


Feb 14, 2013
Salam guys,

I am 19 years old living in England for the past five years, am cricket crazy not only I watch it but play it regularly,

Ok here is the thing I consider myself as a talented all rounder who bats up the order and bowls consistently around 82 mph I can crank it upto 85 but takes a lot of effort, aggressive player by nature so I play my shots.

Having lived here for 5 years I can say that I have no interest in playing for England( am not saying am that good to play for them ), so here I am asking for advice on where to go to atleast have a go at trials etc.

Yes I have played u 17 for Yorkshire but didn't go forward at that time because I was concentrating on my studies, now that I am at university I feel I have got what it takes to take it to the next level
I have been in nets with a few Yorkshire players like Sidebottom, Tim Bresnan , Adil Rashid and Johny Bairstow because my coaches at that time felt I was good enough to practice with them
Thanks for the replies guys I thought there will be more response as its a brilliant site with knowledgeable members.
I originally come from Azad Kashmir so have no relatives living in major cities who can help me so any advice or leads will be much appreciated
If you don't know anyone in Pak who can help you, it will be seriously difficult for you.

The other reason is if you had played county 2nd XI in the UK, it would have been easier for you to play back in Pak.

My advice to you would be to write to all the counties citing your league record asking for a trial game in the 2nd team. Also write to the minor counties, who are often looking for good league players.

Hope this helps to an extent.

You have possibly left it too late for this season, as if you had done this back in Oct last year, there would have been a good chance you would have got called up for pre season indoor nets.
Okay, so heres the plan, Premier league cricket this season (or next) get some good stats under your belt, then look towards some minor counties for a few games, work you way up to county 2nds then county. In county cricekt you will build links and you will have people like managers and other players willing to help you, they have contacts, you seek out a pakistani domestic team!
But to get there you need to work hard, and you need STATS!