Hyderabad Hawks v Karachi Dolphins | Group D | Faysal Bank T20 | Lahore |

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Jun 17, 2009
match is about to start.

am so excited, lala is going to be playing :afridi

please where you seat belts, use of mobile phones is not allowed. please please, dont get up from your seats.
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Beware!! The beast is about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting hawks. There will be blood on the Gaddafi Stadium ground tonight!

Wonder If Afridi led Dolphins to Win the T20 cup then winning the CLT20 next year will be awesome same like Dhoni.
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Mirza Iqbal looks excited after looking at explosive Dolphins batting.

Looks like a run-fest game then.
Who do you think will the Lahore crowd be rooting for? The underdogs or Afridi?
Come on Dolphins!!! Players are out in the middle...
2nd ball wide and Shahzaib slams that wristly through the cover area for a boundary.
A bit of swing for the opening bowler into the right-handed batsman
Khalid Latif cuts in the air and taken at backward point. Dolphins are 1 down in the first over.
Shahzaib "the international chicken" must be feeling like a lion on the domestic scene.
Friends. I have to deliver an unpleasant news. A dolphin, who goes by the name Khalid Latif, has bowed out.
what language is aamer sohail speaking, Urdu or Punjabi?

ball andar liaywni ahi :gul
Dolphins have a very powerful looking Batting line up!

Fawad should be sent in number 3!
Khalid Latif Epic Fail just when Qadir was trying to say something good about him.
That was a well worked out plan. They knew that Latif is only strong on the leg side
And solidly behind his first delivery, defending down the track off the backfoot.

The Deadly Dolphins are 6-1 after the first over.
Quick single taken by Shahzaib, just tapped to cover and Shafiq responded. Good run taken.
Cut violently in the air, went over the point fielder and the ball raced away to the boundary. Shahzaib on fire!!!
And the bowler responds by bowling it wide outside the leg stump and the ball beats the dive of the keeper to go for 5 wides
Abdul Qadir saying Shahzaib is good but he needs to figure out how to score against good bowling to make it big on the international scene.
And wide again, this time well outside off and again beats the keeper, this time just 2 wides
The Beast has been sighted and received a roar from the blood-thirsty crowd.
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