I am a fast bowler and want to know if I have any future in Pakistan cricket


Aug 14, 2013
Hello, I am 27 years old and a fast bowler. I have checked my bowling speed in UAE and clocked around 146 kph. But unfortunately couldn't participate in 'Ufone king of speed' because I was out of the country. Do I have any chance in Pakistan cricket now ? Should I go to NCA or will at least departmental teams give me a chance if I go for trails there ? Any suggestions please...
But unfortunately couldn't participate in 'Ufone king of speed' because I was out of the country.

That's unfortunate bro! Hope you get a chance to show off your speed.
your 27, Generally if a player does not make into domestic/state cricket by early twenties there is little hope. BUT there are always exceptions.
Your only chance is to impress people in one of those talent hunt program and get picked. All the best!
146kph! Wow...that is some speed. Dude I think you can go to trials or if some talent hunt program comes your way,grab the chance. Never lose hope,Irfan is the prime example.
Thanks all of you for your feed back. And yes age is the whole problem, else it would have been bit easy otherwise because of my speed. Anyhow, does anyone know how department teams pick players in pakistan. Do they take trials for that ? And what about academies, could they be of any help ?
146kmph that is so quick, international standard
146kph top speed doesnt mean anything

for all we know the average is around 130s and there is no guarantee you are not spraying it around

best chance would be to hit the local academies like RLCA or Moin Khan academy who are willing to give you a chance

The NCA will think you are some Sikandar type guy if you just show up at their door :p
Go to peshawar talent hunt camp approaching this month...
With proper training you could be bowling 90mph reguararly with odd ball 95!

If your telling the truth..