Import fee


Sep 13, 2011
can somebody help me if i have to pay import fees i m in usa i just orderd cricket bat from uk around 2.10 weight.
I can't say about US; but I recently got a bat online in Dubai; didn't pay any import fee; but sometime ago I ordered lot more stuff & I had to pay duty ... I assume for one piece they shouldn't be charging you; plus the weight is not a lot, you should be ok (i hope)
I would say depends on the seller as he is the one who declares a price.

Where did you order from?
there is the import fee (based on value of article) and there can be fumigation costs as well.

that happens when customs opens the package and see its a piece of wood (cricket bat) it will need treatment before going through. has happened to a friend here in Aus - not sure about other places.