India v New Zealand | 2nd Test at Bangalore, Aug 31-Sep 4

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It's a flat pitch! Though there is few grass on it! It still looks flat as expected. Chennai has become flat for few years now!

There goes listening to MSD's request! :facepalm:
Now now, the only question is whether or not NZ will lose by an innings?
Fine dilemma tbh,
Overcast conditions.. should be good for bowlers. Typical Indian pitch, the team batting last will face the wrath of the spinners.

Btw, why is Martin called as Phantom ?
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60 wickets between Ashwin and Ojha in 4 tests against WI, NZ. Nice :qadir
NZ would be happy to win the toss here, but they need to get a lot of runs here, at least 400 plus.
makes me hate my own team and honestly i have followed neutral test matches more then indian ones
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viru fail to catch it

it was not far from him

big turn from 3 rd over

test of spinners
NZ batsmen having a few problems, they just don't have the risk free shots to get on top of bowlers.
Was going straight to Raina,,,,, Kohli y u wanna be hero everytime :boom: :facepalm: :(
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Decent carry btw, Zaheer bending his back. Good to see.
Really feel sorry for Zaheer, you only get a few chances on phatta pitches and when guys drop them like that, its just cruel :(
Really feel sorry for Zaheer, you only get a few chances on phatta pitches and when guys drop them like that, its just cruel

Just saw the blow Pujara took while fielding at close in.
Swear to God, whoever decided to put him in there needs to be kicked in the behind.
Pujara been operated on both knees, and was pretty serious as well with those, and after such an instance to put him in there ??
The ball struck him F.L.U.S.H on and inner part of the knee.

Damn! A sniper would have been proud of that.
NZ recovering well after the early wicket. Hopefully they can get at least 400 in the 1st innings.

Williamson looking solid. Looks like a future prospect. Some good news for Kiwi fans (like Marshland). :)
Gotta get Ashwin from other end now. One more wicket before the lunch break would be good (in particular that of Guptill's)
Disappointing performance from Umesh Yadav so far. He is been either too full or too short on this picth. Very few good length deliveries from him (so many hit me 4 kinda deliveries).
Guptill looks set for a good 100. Well played so far for his 50 runs. Kohli the culprit at the slips must be feeling very guilty with each of those runs scored by Guptill in this inning.
Sir John, nice to see you back! where the hell u been??

te koi navv'i taazi?? :nehra
Increasing Dark clouds around the ground, expecting a downpour during the lunch break.
NZL aren't doing too bad today.

hope i don't jinx em kiwis, before they even have a chance to ripen :yk

and always knew Guptill was better than the rest against spin, showing it here!
Ojha Strikes again, dangerous looking Guptill gone playing poor shot to mid wicket.
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