Indoor Cricket- Players required


Sep 9, 2006
Hi All,

I am looking for players to play at the indoor cricket in Canary Wharf( London). Basically, i have around 10 players so far but need 16 to play a proper game.
The plan is to play the initial game and then enter the league depending on the interest. We will play in the evening as most people I have so far all work. If you are interested please let me know, I am aiming for the first outing to be next week sometime depending on the availability. Any questions please feel free to ask.

Good luck, hope it goes well for you.

Make sure you get payment before hand for the whole season. I got stung in the 2nd season, therefore not going to bother doing it.

If you play in the league from Sept onwards, will be happy to play. Summer i don't bother as i play outdoors
thanks murphyslaw79

thanks Murphy, most people i have are my work colleague, so i should be ok payment wise, i am at present struggling to get 16 players for this Thursday, initially we were going to play Wednesday but all Wednesday slots are full now so trying to organise for Thursday. I have 12 people so far for Thursday. Anyone interested in playing on Thursday @ 1830???
How old and experienced are you guys? I should be able to make it, what is the exact time and date?
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We have a mix bunch, most people havent played cricket for few and are trying to get back. its mostly for fun but should get competetive at a later stages.

Planning to play either 1830 or 1930 hrs, i am still awaiting for few more players, lets hope i can get them

Okay perfect... I love playing cricket (mainly tape ball), I presume you would be using the (orange) windball/indoor ball... I live in London, how shall I get in contact with you?

Kind regards,

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thanks Bilal

thanks Bilal. Could you please PM me your email or number, i tried to send you mine but it didnt go through.

Thanks Bilal, i have emailed you the details, any further questions let me know

Hi mods,

please close this thread, i wasnt able to organise the league due to lack of players
sorry to hear that buddy. I know how frustrating it can be, having run it for 2 seasons.

Maybe if we combine our squads we can get a decent squad, however as the outdoor season is starting now, I will only be willing to play indoors from sept onwards.

I can give you contacts for a few guys who may be interested in the summer.
thanks murhyslaw79

yea, i wasted alot of time trying to organise things but its a hard job and people dont appreciate the efforts you put in to organise everything. I see how things go i might give it another shot later. Could you give me your email address ill get in touch with you. Will see if we can do something together, thanks for the message.
i will ask one of the MODS to send you my email address.

It worked really well for me in the 1st season, where we only used about 12 or 13 ppl in the whole season.

However, in the 2nd season ppl committed to play, but cried off when it started, meant i only had 5 or 6 paying players per match, having 2 or 3 ringers every game.

lets put our heads together for Sept and get this up and running again.
yea, that would be good if we can organise something, what was your experience like in Canary Wharf, was it good? I have never played there just went to visit the venue.

Mods: please send me murphyslaw79's email address.
Shani it is a good set up, run well and u get some very good indoor cricketers. My emphasis is on indoor, as outdoor these guys can't get into a decent club 1st XI. I am an outdoor cricketer and the technique these guys apply is very different to mine. Let me know if u have my email address