Ireland v NZ

Ireland has set it up nicely. Now the last 25 overs the assault is comming
94-8 after 25 overs.
NZ win by 291 runs, Ireland's education continues....

Unfortunately for the Irish their better players are being lost to counties which on one hand is excellent because that's providing them with an opportunity to play a good standard and improve, but the ultimate aim of those taking the short trip across the Irish sea is to play test cricket and that's not gonna happen with their own country.

Apparently there's dancing and celebrations breaking out in Auckland and Christchurch as I type and it's rivalling the Spanish celebrations of the last 48 hrs. The news is filtering back home to the sleeping kiwis, they must think it's rugby!
still hurts the way pakistan lost to Ireland in world cup, love to see pakistan get revenge, even though its against ireland
Mismatches like these should be banned. :mush
Pak_mystery said:
Tim southee is the next big thing in NZ cricket!

the name doesn't sound that big, reminds me of Jiminy Cricket for some reason
in the last 7 overs and 4 balls of Kiwi's innings, they bombarded 136 runs at an avg of 17 runs/over