Kookaburra 2012 Range


Apr 23, 2010
Kookaburra have just posted their new 2012 teaser pics on their Facebook social networking site. Their whole range has been updated for 2012, with new stickers for all bats.

The Recoil is their newest addition, replacing the CCX.



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Kookaburra have been pretty disappointing this time around, aesthetically at least.

Kookaburra are actually one of the brands I am considering for next years season. Any experiene CD bhai, or others?

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Nope have never used a Kookaburra bats. I have Kookaburra gloves and they are amazing!!

My friend had Blade 950 and it was literally a dud, he bought for $550 and sold it for $150 in literally new condition!
Overall I have bad experience buying their bats - they are too hard pressed and when they do start to open up a bit they start to crack and split open especially near the toe area.

I think the softs though expensive are good quality but will not buy another bat from their range for a long time.
I've got a Blade 250 and I couldn't rate it more highly. Excellent pickup and ping plus it's pressed nice and soft.

I haven't heard great things about the Rogue/Kahuna but the CCX (now defunct) and the Blade are pretty good bats.

CD, it's too bad your mate got a dud but I don't think that's the case with all Kooks.
I believe he got unlucky really a mate both Blade 650 and his Blade 650 looked MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the 950 really and played exceptionally well.
I guess it could potentially happen with any bat though the chances of getting a plank are pretty low if you buy a mid-high range bat.

To be honest though, I'm tempted to stray away from Kook and go for a GM Epic next season.

I would advise wait till March because Hagee Sports in Mississauga will be getting GM bats so wait for him to get them. I'm saying this just so you can have a feel of them although it will be a long drive for you but I reckon it will be worth it really.
Definitely going to wait for it. There's no sense in buying it now and then just using it indoors against low quality balls all winter.

I'll probably be coming down to Mississauga often as I'm supposed to play in an indoor league there. Have you heard about the indoor arena they're building out there?
True, if your club uses old balls which are of good quality then its not a bad option to open up one of your bat :).

Hmm no, haven't heard of Indoor League at all! What is it? Hardball or tape ball? And where are they building it
its the australian indoor cricket league. i think they have a website, try searching icl canada or something. we've also registered a team in it. its with a yellow harder indoor ball from my understanding. so you use your hardball bats for it.

cd did you end up playing this season?
Front sticker has really got a bit of classic kookaburra about it. Very nice. The back bat stickers are brilliant.